Latuda commercial does not market it as an antipsychotic

Have you seen the Latuda commercial? The commercial does not market Latuda as an antipsychotic. I was prescribed Latuda for schizoaffective disorder. I was on Latuda for almost two years and heard voices the entire time. I was in hell. Then I see the Latuda commercial, which only talks about helping with depression and bipolar. I do not think the makers of Latuda are confident that it can help people with schizophrenia. Why did my doctor recommend Latuda? It did not work for me at all. I just thought that was weird.

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Most antipsychotics on commercials aren’t advertised as antipsychotics(at least when I see them). Maybe it is the stigma associated with them or maybe the market is bigger for other diseases.

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Its an antipsychotic over 40mg. I take it

I agree I think it’s stigma. You never see commercials for psychotic anything.

Mood issues are becoming more “mainstreamed” and accepted now but psychosis is still far from there, sadly.


Oh right guys! Good points! I guess that was my paranoid presumption. lol Thanks! I see commercials all the time for taking part in schizophrenia studies though.

My dr recommend latuda so that I might lose weight.

I was on olanzapine but I think olanzapine works better for me.

Olanzapine has calming effect etc while latuda seems to hypo me n cause jaw clenching etc

If I was feeling really super bad I would switch back to olanzapine cause I truly think it’s a better medicine for me but I did gain over twenty kg on it…

I also agree that it’s because of the stigma. It always makes me mad when the drug companies refuse to advertise things as antipsychotics, even though that’s their main job.

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it’s the God damn stigma, we’re living in dark ages!!!

I took Latuda for a year and it did not work for me either. It was a year of disaster =(

I might be bipolar or schizoaffective

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