Why am I so depressed in the mornings

Every morning I’m so depressed.

Why is it like this.

I can’t break out of it

Depression really sux


I’m really really bad in the mornings too.


I get depressed in the afternoons…


I am depressed in the afternoons


I used to have problems waking up in the mornings too. But now I try to fight and my energy level ups couple hours after waking up. Lately, I find the evenings harder and more depressing for me, cause I spend a lot of energy in the day, while I am still weak mentally and physically…
Try not to think about the morning depression. Me , I decided to ignore it a bit…
Hugs wallafish!


I used to like mornings when I had my jobs and a routine. Now i’m basically a zombie in the morning, with nothing to do all day

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Suck it up and go walk outside with a friend. Think outside the box. Example buy a drone and fly it. Record what you see and make videos on Adobe premier. Stay busy that’s nothing.

Mow the lawn
Plant something
Water the garden
Wash dishes
Anything really tell your dad you’ll wash his car for 20 bucks! Then go walking to a store and treat yourself.
You’ll find anything in this planet even money on the floor.

Fight it.

That’s me! I have my shoes on when I wake up. I’m ready. Back then I was like this. Be happy schizophrenia doesn’t hate you. It hated me! One day schizophrenia just started to attack me and I didn’t know what it wanted I thought I was slowly dying or was part of a big conspiracy and was being trained to do stupid things. I was a normal guy about to enlist in the Marines. I know schizophrenia is dangerous and scary. So I try to enjoy every day of it now. Don’t be sad. Remember the good old days when this didn’t slow us down in life.

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Suck it up is kind of a strong thing to say. I wish I could suck it up or pull myself up by my bootstraps but reality is a b**ch sometimes.


take some coffee and a cigaret. Than go for a walk in the woods. After that go to the supermarket and force yourself to have a 5min chat with somebody. If you did that than you go home.

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Then when the next morning commes think about your accomplishments the day before.
Perfect your life.
You don’t have to feel that way.

I slept for 16 hrs , but I don’t feel depressed lol. I more have hypersomnia

Hehe well my version of schizophrenia tried to kill me so… Yeeaa it’s quite the oppossite hear everything even reality is a beuty. I tried every possible way to scare schizophrenia off me but it kept comming back with something new. I was like forget me now… it’s giving me nightmares it’s showing me it’s in my subconscious side of me now.

Its going to be a boss battle now, I said to myself. I some how managed to ignore my lucid dreams/inception/reality “nightmares” because I decided to go to church and I felt like I could do something with my life there. Everyday I prayed and prayed but with no hope almost as if no one from this planet heard me.(I’m not stupid I know God exists and many more too. I didn’t go there for any random strangers help. I know it’s mean… But this life is not simple. I’ve talked to many people with great understanding and I didn’t expect them to fix it. I guess I value more the confidence in others that something good will happen some day. And we shouldn’t wait for some one to handed it to you.) Many Sundays passed and I saw many people pass me by. --Bet you don’t know about virtual reality yet.–But I guess what I was asking for was too much. So therefor I was ignored.

Later months passed and I started feeling muscle twitching I kinda didn’t care but then something else hit me. I felt like my brain was misfiring I felt shocks inside my skull every time I thought about something. My thoughts then got compromised I felt like someone else was watching my every move. Ive read books and then I realized something was reading with me. My eyes used to follow a different direction without my consent. I was scared. Traumatized the most. The oldest in the family and is expected to carry out my parents wishes for us. And this is how I’m treated in this life, nonsense! This also lasted months.

It hasn’t been to long ago I got tinnitus; never stops. Day and night I guess you can call it static, who knows it might be a phone but ehh I’m not that kind of fool. I would rather be the one that stands out from the rest. The one who will not give in into temptation. The one you should be proud of.

Ive lived my life like it was a war for months too! No one was going to tell me what I should or shouldn’t do. How to think or should be thinking. I would rather be killed then be annoyed by some stubborn know it all too enlightened “voice” that supposedly knows the better of my life. One day I thought I killed it. it was “stopping” for some reason. When suddenly I started seeing things again in my dreams. The next day at work (because this has been happening during a 10hr shifts general labor job in my mind) I understood I was seeing the future. In my dream I saw a day after the one I was living in. Almost as if it was telling me"be careful… I’m the one who decides your fate." I’ve seen so many discusting things that I could care less if Satan’s angels were trying to manipulate or brainwash me. I found something that I would rather die for… And have “whatever” this is to recognize I am alike but not like them. And I will keep fighting being hurt inside and out because out there people are dying for us. That have no clue of what this is! I’m not going to wait for some scientist to bring out the latest iPhone to us.
I’ve read about many things and I know that everything ive gone through you can consider it being caged inside a prison cell of your mind.
Being a lab rat was not all that bad for me tho because I found a book it’s been rewritten many times but it’s still good. Trust me I k n o w. (i can’t come up with a valid reason why it would be but hey. I didn’t get lucky enough to be that person true story)
And if you say I’m crazy good luck. You might just be waiting for heaven if you call it a bad word. We should be feeling ashamed naming it that way. i’ll rather keep taking the bumpy road. Because it looks so much better now. I beat schizophrenia.

Just wait until you see karma.

Good luck


I’m so sorry @Orion_Lopez. You’ve been through he’ll. I’m glad you’re on the up and up now. Btw Orion is my favorite constellation. :slight_smile:

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This is typical. Every morning you feel like crap, but as the day progresses you feel a lot better.

I’m a night owl. I love the silence and darkness, just cuddled in my bed watching YouTube or doodling on my phone.


Well for me my depression was worst in the morning because I realized I had an entire day ahead of me. Also it doesn’t help if you’re groggy and didn’t get enough sleep.


Yea that’s what I thought too but then there was one time when I didn’t sleep for three days! I felt normal! I went to sleep the following night and woke up refreshed better than any other day! But the thing is I did not fear. I bet something was trying to kick me out of my reality it was the coolest thing you can experience along side out of body experience.

Sounds good my man.

I’m glad u enjoyed it brother bear

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