Why am I always depressed when I wake up in the mornings


I don’t understand but I’m always so depressed when I wake up in the mornings.

As the day goes on i start feeling better.

Why does this happen…

Do u also face this problem…

Kind regards


Do you take your meds in the morning? If so it means the meds are at their lowest level as soon as you wake up.

I too find after my morning meds I feel better after a couple of hours.


Yea I take 20 mg in the night Jimmy and 5 mg in morning…

It the moment I wake up I just don’t want to get out of bed.

Do u also suffer from that


They say you can worry in your sleep and stress is often felt in the mornings. I think the majority of heart attacks occur on Monday mornings.

For a while when mornings were really hard I took my evening meds two hours early. Then I set another morning alarm two hours before I had to get up. I would wake, take my morning meds then go back to sleep for two hours.

When I woke up properly I felt better


Yea I see what u saying…

Thanks Jim


You’re not a morning person. I usually feel good in morning. Bad as the day goes on. I’m the opposite


Huh, usually the morning is my favorite time…which is probably because for a whole 5 seconds i forget who i am :smiley:


Waking up in the morning for me is right now the only debilitating part of the disease. I am managing the halucinations and delusions ok, depression gone, anxiety/paranoia managable but god forbid i can get up in the morning and shower. Most days i struggle up to the last possible minute and make it to work late. I cant really figure out why i dont want to move at all


I suffer from the same thing. I feel really rough in the morning and then it gets better as the day goes on. I don’t know what to blame. Coffee maybe.


Drink red bull … it has caffine in it…!!!


I like mornings I have first cup of tea and chill
Afternoon not so good


Right now I cannot wait to get to bed
I have been up since 4am :tired_face:


i wish I could hibernate like a bear


Do you feel as though you have been reset day after day, back to a no win situation ?


I have had major struggles getting out of bed in the morning for about 6-9 months. It seems several of us have the same problem. I am on 20 mg of Zyprexa and now 600 mg of gabapentin. The doctor is very slowly lowering my dosages.


I was having the same problem a couple of months ago where I was waking up feeling like ■■■■, having a hard time getting out of bed and just overall fatigued and exhausted. After I explained this to my psychiatrist and the fact that as the day goes on the depression seems to subside she prescribed me an antidepressant.

I started with a low dose of Wellbutrin 100mg which helped to get rid of the heavy emotions but my mood still wasn’t stabilized. I stayed on that dose for a month and the depression hadn’t completely gone away it wasn’t enough because I would still wake up not knowing how I was going to be feeling that day.

After I explained it to my sister (who is a doctor in the making) what was going on she said that I probably need to raise the dose of the antidepressant. After discussing with my psychiatrist she raised the dose and voila my mood has stabilized since then and I haven’t been feeling those heavy emotions that I was feeling.

The only problem right now I have is with fatigue which according to my doctor is because of the depression as well. I went for a physical and got blood work done and everything seems fine except for 2 things. So I probably need to raise the dose of my antidepressant a little more to get rid of the fatigue.

I’ve never felt so depressed in my life and I believe it was post psychotic depression because all this started after I came back to reality after my psychosis. It was a very intense period and I fought my hardest to not take anymore medication but I’m glad I did. Just thought I’d share this with you and hopefully it helps. Hang in there!!!


I suggest a B-complex pill, like a B-100. Low levels of B-vitamins are tied to depression.

I feel chemically depressed when I miss my B-complex, even.


For me it’s knowing it’s going to be another day of fighting the disease


@anon1152203 I just chalk it up to gaining momentum. By the end of the day you tend to have figured it out and got your groove. That’s why I hate going to bed sometimes. I sometimes feel. Like I will loose my good gains from the day.

Or you could just try getting up from the other side of the bed. (humor)


It could be a side effect left over from one of your night time meds.