Why am i in this simulation

Im tired of my simulation experience. This needs to stop. Just please stop

You have to have a discussion with your doctor about your med dosage. Currently you’re on less than 10mg, the therapeutic dose.

Unfortunately, it’s not a simulation, it’s all real.

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If you believe you are in simulation that is very delusional. Please talk to a doctor about this immediately.

Oh, Rabbit. Big hugs.

You need a break, some time to get well. Please talk to your doctors, see if you can come up with a better plan than careening from crisis to crisis like you have been.

Know that we care about you. I hope things start to make more sense for you soon :two_hearts:


Yea i’ll talk to him next time i see him. And thanks rhubot


Actually it is not crazy, it is called simulation theory. There is a chance we are all in a computer simulation.

adam and eve lol