The whole world is a simulation and I must free us

We’re all trapped in a simulation the trees car sky everything is a program I feel like they are watching me that I know to much that they are comeing to destroy me but I must destroy them first I need to find the head programmer and destroy him to free us all

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How’s it going @Cataclysm . Are you still in hospital?

Even if your theory is true, it means we cannot live outside of the simulation. I would rather live peacefully and long in this fake world, than risk being deleted by the head programmer for being too nosey :smile:

Anyway, call it God or Head Programmer, you sound like a believer and religious topics are not allowed here…

Take your meds please mate.

We might be living in a computer simulation. Does it really matter? You should be taking your medications.

I feel the same sometimes…

What if the head programmer is part of the simulation too? :slight_smile:

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No they realesed me last Wednesday

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Cool. Are you taking meds as prescribed?

I used to think I was in a simulation but meds stopped that for me.

I still have a belief that reality is a simulation, heck, it’s baked into the religion I follow, Sikhism, which claims that reality is just “maya”, illlusion, and you shouldn’t get too attached to it since you will be “let out” of it at the end, as long as you have devotion to the Creator.

Still, medication is good stuff, makes the whole experience more sane.


sounds like a film i watched once lol

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