Why am I feeling so anxious

I am feeling super anxious, I can feel my hands shaking… It’s been going on for two days now. Can it be related to mania? I don’t feel manic, but I am so focused on crafting at the moment. I know at some point I will get bored and give up.


I used to have shaking hands because of APs. I believe my pdoc gave me akineton to counter it.

Do you think it can happen even though it doesn’t usually on APs? I am feeling very anxious but I know it will go.

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I would try to stay calm and surf the wave. Next time you see your pdoc/GP I would discuss it.

It can be annoying especially if people notice it and ask if you have Parkinson or something alike.

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I will call my GP if I still feel like this in the next couple of days

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Imagine the entire world hating you and wanting your demise yeah I’d get anxious too but I"m strong always been strong.

I can handle a hostile crowd

But can they handle me?

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Same here @ish . Bit anxious today

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I have a can of pest repellent.

@velociraptor - He’s suspended until August, lol.

So I just found out. Too bad it wasn’t August of 2023.

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