Feeling particularly anxious

I can’t think positive. I’m tired. I feel like crap. Yet you’d think everything is going so well. I just got a job, and I have an amazing partner. But I keep thinking I might not like the job and wish I never met my partner and feel my illness is a burden on him.

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I you keep looking, you’ll always find a reason to be unhappy or complain.

Seems like things are going well for you.


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Just not feeling well and not feeling like myself, though not worth talking to the pdoc yet.

I think you will feel better if you get the chance to rest up. Try to get some good sleep in and the world will hopefully look brighter. Tomorrow is another day.


Could be because I’m on my period too.

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Yes, I heard rumors this can affect mood. I haven’t lived with a woman for 20 years so I forgot how that goes.