Who's your favorite MLB team?

Mine are blue jays im from Canada
Who are yours? Everyone

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i like the Cincinnati reds. it’s not their year, I’m listening right now. their losing at the moment.

do you know of joey votto? he is from Canada

Canadian first baseman for reds

U wanna know wuts a good book is that Josh Hamilton when he got on drugs and him playing baseball

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josh Hamilton has had an interesting life for sure, i’ll take your word for it about the book I don’t read much anymore. I was disappointed they traded josh he was one of my favorites.

It’s the Cleveland Indians of course but I doubt they will ever win another world series in my lifetime.

Maybe if ur 80 years old. Im watching Pitts penguins vs Washington series 1-1 score. 3-2 series for Washington

Because I lived there for a while in the 60s- SF giants.

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The Yankees and Mets.

Are you in new York?

Close, Jersey 1515

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My favorite show takes place there… the sopranos

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It was filmed near my last home.

Sweet 151515151515

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What about the NHL or NBA?

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I like NFL cfl nhl MLB don’t really care for NBA since Kobe left

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I like the Toronto blue jays and new York Yankees.

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Are you from Canada? I am

■■■■ I hate west coast road trips. the game is always on so late. i’ll probably go to bed before this one’s over.

the west coast road trip is always a indicator of how good of a season the reds are going to have. usually they get their ass kicked and look to trade their high payed players but every few years they go west and have some success. went to bed last night and couldn’t believe they won when I woke up. 3 in a row

for the most part. all the best players in the states come from California florida and texas, it would only be fitting that those places would have the best teams, but mlb is funny. new York and boston, Chicago, they get all the free agents wanting to come there. here in Cincinnati I like being a fan. I don’t have a problem with them getting all their players from texas like they used to. I just don’t think baseball is popular enough that cincinnati can field a team full of northeners.

to be a fan here you have to like watching young players and have realistic expectations. sometimes they catch lightning in a bottle with talented players but more often than not 22-25 year olds get there ass kicked by 25-33 year olds. prospects are hype.