Pitcher's and catcher's report and season prediction (mlb sports)


haha baseball is here. a shame my reds up and moved to Arizona. if they were still playing in florida there is more of a likelihood that I would go and see them play.

once the games starts in a week or so i’ll have another distraction besides the forum to waste my idol time.

and on to the prediction. last year I predicted my beloved Cincinnati reds would win 77 games, they underperformed that mark. they got off to a terrible start and finished poor but were good in the middle of the season.

this season I expect the offense to be good and the starting pitching to be average, with a good bullpen. im thinking this year is the worst case scenario 83-79 record. a good team but not good enough, they will flirt with the playoffs but fall short. and instead of trading their 1 year rental players for prospects to help the future teams they will hold onto them hoping for more. they may even deal a prospect at the deadline for pitching probably…you gotta be kidding me. that’s my prediction

anyways I don’t mind if the team loses, im just happy to watch baseball.

anybody else have a team they like to follow?



Lol my friend was a reds fan so I feel you.

I honestly think the Yankees are gonna win the World Series this year. Machado or not. You heard it here from me first!!



I can’t stand the Yankees. :carrot::carrot::carrot:



My tigers arent going to do anything this year. They got no help in the off season and it would be a miracle for cabrera to stay healthy all year.

I dont even think the tigers will flirt with the post season.



I’ll still watch though, I love baseball.



red sox v yankees for eternity. something’s got to give.

im thinking since im blacked out from watching the reds on I may start following some other teams. im thinking st.louis cardinals, they’re a Midwest city, rich history, and draw 40,000 game. or atlanta braves, my future home in Georgia maybe i’ll start rooting for the home team now. new York mets, I like following the mets for some reason I don’t know why. seattle mariners, one of my favorite us cities along with boston but im not a red sox fan.



I love Seattle! Arent they getting a hockey team soon?

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yeah I think so. im not sure I don’t follow hockey very much, but I think I remember hearing about it.



I like to alternate between pitching and catching. I’m pretty versatile.

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haha…whatever floats your boat @Treebeard

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Zing! :smiley:

As for the OP’s idea of pitching and catching though, baseball has become unrecognizable from 20 years ago, and more dumb changes are coming. Ergo, two years ago, I gave up on baseball, then shortly thereafter, sports all-together. The changes to baseball and American football have made watching the game so tedious that I’d find greater relaxation in watching my dentist from above do 25 root canals on me. :frowning:

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