Who takes Wellbutrin?

My doctor said he would prescribe this instead of Minocycline for negative symptoms. Does it work?

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I take Wellbutrin for negative symptoms, but it doesn´t seem to work… I also take Escitalopram, and it made me feel a little better.

I took 100 mg X 2 of Wellbutrin for a long time. I didn’t notice much effect. I asked the pdoc to double my dose to the maximum dosage. At first I was a little afraid that I might be getting schizy because of it, but then I calmed down, and I’m back to not really feeling it any more. I was hoping it would help with the negatives, but I don’t think it has.

I take Wellbutrin, it definitely helps but Latuda helps out a lot too. I’ve seen you post that you already take that. Before I took Latuda I took 400mg of Wellbutrin a day. Since I started the Latuda I lowered the Wellbutrin down to 150mg a day and still cope at or above the previous level. It certainly doesn’t quell all your negatives though.