Poll: Did antidepressants help improve your negative symptoms?

If you’ve tried an antidepressant, did it help alleviate your negative symptoms?

  • Yes - a lot
  • Yes - moderately
  • Yes - a little
  • No - it had no effect
  • No - it made my negative symptoms worse
  • I’m not sure

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Also, which antidepressant did you try?

I increased my sertraline from 50 to 100mg. I believe it reduced my negative symptoms slightly, although I suspect it might’ve just helped with depression which may appear as negative symptoms.

I’m on 300mg of wellbutrin. It seems to have helped a little with motivation, but that’s about it.

For how long you are taking wellbutrin?
My pdoc initially prescribed me sertalin along with wellbutrin and it worked well.
Wellbutrin is so far the best AD I tried.

I’ve been taking it for only about four months, and have had the dose increased from a start of 150mg.

Maybe you can ask your pdoc to add you some sertalin with wellbutrin.

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I’ll do that. I was going to ask for something more at my next appointment, now I at least have an idea of what to ask for. I’m also thinking of changing my antipsychotic. I tried abilify up to 30mg and it did nothing for my positive symptoms. Now I’m on Risperdal, and it has controlled my positive symptoms, but I think it might make my negative symptoms worse.

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Two words: Prozac sucks.

I found out that a combination of those two + balanced diet + avoiding negative people ( along with practicing to let go of automatic negative thoughts) works best for depression.
Wish you luck :four_leaf_clover:

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I’ve tried some of the ssri’s - Effexor, Paxil, Luvox, and I think Zoloft. Right now I am on 200 X 2 daily Wellbutrin. I haven’t noticed much effect from any of these med’s, though there were times when I didn’t get my Wellbutrin that I got very depressed.