Who takes Memantine? What’s it like?

Are you on Memantine? What’s your experience been? How does it help you? I’m thinking of asking my doctor for it and need some background on it…


Hi, @anon20742722!

I take memantine and it helps me with negative symptoms. I think we have talked about it before.

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How exactly did it help you? How did you convince your doctor to prescribe it?

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This is a funny coincidence. I was researching it again over the last hour. I’ve decided against it based on the potential side effects. The risk/reward ratio isn’t for me.


Spooky coincidence !

In the 15th day of 10mg of memantine I felt a lot better socially. I convinced my doctor by giving him the scientific researches about the use of memantine with people who have schizophrenia.

My Mother takes Namenda (Memantine) for mild dementia.
There are lots of potential dangerous side effects that come attached to this drug, so we decided to keep her on a low dose.

She also takes Aricept, another Alzheimer’s drug.
The combo of Aricept and Namenda is common.

I’ve trialled it also. It worsened my positive symptoms and depression after 5 days of use.

I just started taking memantine for negative symptoms so it’s day 1. Overall I have terrific blank mind, cognitive issues, and I’m unable to talk (not form memantine!).
I would like to hear more experiences.

OK, so 4 months passed for me while taking memantine 20 mg. Overall I feel better and normal, more outgoing, and I don’t need Wellbutrin! I m taking Invega/Trevicta too. Cognition significantly improved, I feel myself lighter, easier to do cognitive tasks, and also easier to chit chat. Improved associativity. I don’t say that I don’t have blank mind, maybe I have(?), but it doesn’t bother me now, I feel better! I m doing engineer work again, and it isn’t exhausting me. I can work 9-10 hours/day. Best to You all!


I completely forgot about memantine until I saw this, thanks for the reminder. I’m gunna ask about it at my next appointment!