New Meta-Study: Memantine May Help as an add-on to antipsychotic treatment for residual negative and cognitive symptoms of schizophrenia



Memantine add-on treatment may be beneficial for treating psychopathological symptoms (especially negative symptoms) in schizophrenia patients. The negative-symptom effect size may be associated with younger adult schizophrenia patients.

Source Study:

Do you think you could actually handle it if your negative symptoms went away?

Interesting study. I’m just wondering how much it improves.


I heard a statement by a psychiatrist that agreed with these theoretical deductions (that NMDA antagnosts could be useful for schizophrenia). See it here:

However, information posted on indicates that:

Studies have demonstrated that blocking the NMDA Receptor has a negative impact on personality characteristics and cognition including emotional range, initiative, motivation, attention and memory.


I found some articles about memantine and it seems to be good:

I’ll start my treatment for negative symptoms with memantine today. I hope it works. I’m expecting it to be effective on the long-term.


Please let us know how it goes? Have you talked to your doctor yet?


Yes, I have talked to pdoc today and I’ll take my first half pill (5mg) in one hour. If I feel it’s doing good for me, I’ll update here in the forum.


I’m curious to try memantine. I asked my doctor about it once, for an unrelated reason (i.e. ADHD), and she said “No. That drug is not for you. It’s an anticholinergic.” :worried:


Strange that they would use an anticholinergic in Alzheimer’s treament.

(I haven’t looked it up, I don’t know if it is or isn’t)


Yeah, it must’ve been a mistake on her part. Although Wikipedia does states the following about memantine:

Cholinergic (nicotinic acetylcholine receptor)
Memantine acts as a non-competitive antagonist at different neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (nAChRs)
at potencies possibly similar to the NMDA and 5-HT3 receptors, but this
is difficult to ascertain with accuracy because of the rapid
desensitization of nAChR responses in these experiments. It can be noted
that memantine is an antagonist at Alpha-7 nAChR, which may contribute to initial worsening of cognitive function during early memantine treatment. Alpha-7 nAChR
upregulates quickly in response to antagonism, which could explain the
cognitive-enhancing effects of chronic memantine treatment.[33][36][37]
It has been shown that the number of nicotinic receptors in the brain
are reduced in Alzheimer’s disease, even in the absence of a general
decrease in the number of neurons, and nicotinic receptor agonists are viewed as interesting targets for anti-Alzheimer drugs.[38]


sarcosine is an NMDA agonist and helps sz, memantine is an NMDA antagonist and supposedly helps too… so which is it - agonism or antagonism that helps sz, or do both help?


What dose are u suppose to take for this to be effective?


It helps. I was on it. It also helps with weight loss and less stiffness. It’s really a neat drug that you should all try. I have pdychotic episodes but am not schizophrenic l, have bipolar disorder. But memantine is a great drug


I’m starting with 5mg of memantine for 10 days and, then, I will increase it to 10mg. I think it can be increased until 20mg.


You can take 200 mg a day. But it’s good to start low.
It had a noticeable impact on my symptoms.
I hope it helps you


It’s an anti viral medication. It’s found in cough syrups in certain countries outside of the USA. It’s also used for Parkinson’s I believe. Weight loss.
It’s basically a miracle med according to my doctor.
If I wasn’t doing well and already on five other meds I would still be taking it. This is very current information that you’ve posted here. If you’re doctor hasn’t heard of memantine in the next six months I would find another one


I think here in Spain, the fact that a doctor prescribes you another medication wich isn’t the convencional it’s tooo difficult to find :confused:


True, here in Europe they tend to follow the guidelines for prescribing off-label medication. In the US they tend to do it more easily.


No - its 20 mg a day.

Here are details:

Usual Adult Dose for Alzheimer’s Disease
Week 1: 5 mg orally once a day.
Week 2: 10 mg orally/day (Administer 5 mg twice a day.)
Week 3: 15 mg orally/day (Administer 5 mg and 10 mg as separate doses.)
Week 4/Maintenance Dose: 20 mg orally/day (Administer 10 mg twice a day.)

-Initial Dose: 7 mg orally once a day.
-Maintenance and Maximum Dose: 28 mg orally once a day; increase the initial dose in 7 mg increments to the recommended maintenance dose.


I will be trying this next week when I meet with my pdoc and will post the results.


I have capsules that are 50 mg pills x2 a day.
I couldn’t tolerate them and she ordered me liquid memantine to take.