What is the Best med for intrusive thoughts?

Please help if you know any med successful for this dimension of SZ,

You try modern atypicals first. Risperdal has a good track record for positive symptoms but we are all different. I’m just a hack on the internet…this question you should be asking your doctor!

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What works besides a good dose of an antipsychotic (Abilify, Paliperidone and Geodon are pretty safe ones that don’t cause brain shrinkage), is Memantine, which is an NMDA antagonist that really quiets down the chatter in the brain, without permanent side effects.

It’s helped at least one person go back to work full-time as an engineer. He took it on top of a Paliperidone injection.

Here’s a post by someone who says it helps with his intrusive thoughts and negative symptoms:

Note that such use of Memantine is off-label, so you might not get a prescription for it.

Ultimately though, you’ll want the advice of an actual psychiatrist who might have other solutions for you.

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