Who takes biperiden or similar drugs?

Who finds it helpful? What do you feel on it? My doc was insisting to take it, because of my ap, but i was skipping it tbh. I am sometimes shaky, but i find its more from my anxiety, than the zyprexa. Whats your opinion on those correctors?

Do you find akineton helpful on anxiety?

A quick Google search says it’s not recommended for TD. Why are you on it?

My pdoc insisted to take it against the side effects of the zyprexa. Its against tremor and tightness.

I meant that i am shaky in general. But it could be my illness, i am not sure. Cause i am always afraid, so i somatize. I wasnt taking biperiden, no matter my pdoc insisted on it. They call the akineton a “corrector” here.