Biperiden (Akineton)

After 2 years of using high doses of it i have now quit it for 4 days cold turkey, i do experience a lot of withdrawal symptoms but i keep trying to stay clean, i started taking it for reduced nervousness and akathisia it also gives you quite a buzz and makes you euphoric for a little…

i only take abilify maintena 400mg for schizophrenia


is it a benzo? I see it is for parkinson’s relief.

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Not a benzo but its withdrawals seem to me equal to a benzo withdrawal to me

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Keep going! I hope the withdrawals pass quickly for you. :slight_smile:

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Thanks friend, i feel much better after i have had some strong coffee maybe some of its antioxidant effects or maybe biperiden is completely out of my system now!

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Biperden is anticolinergic for side Effects of antipsychotics just like cogentin.


I relapsed for the record, i believe it is unhuman to prescribe antipsychotics without biperiden