Can akinetone make all the difference?

In fact my best ex doc have had prescribed me this in the past with the zyprexa and the depakote. Maybe i just suffer cause i dont take it? Wow… is it works also after more time or its instant? I took one pill now and it relieved pains in my body… do you take it or something similar, how do you find it?
Isnt it a bit too much my 3 meds (zyprexa,depakote,akinetone)? Personaly i dont find 3 meds too much with this illness, idk…
Share your experiences if you want :grinning:


Is it supplement or medicine…?? Anna…why u wake up so early…!!!

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I think its medicine far! Against parkinson and some side effects from the aps… my ex doc was insisting on it :smirk:.

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Who else takes those kind of correctors too? I didn’t complain before about the side effects of the Zyprexa, but I have them tough, yeap :confused: . One of my ill friends was telling to me that akineton can even calm down the mind, it would be good :slight_smile: .

I used to take it for akathisia…

Was it working Om? I have akathisia too.

it worked fine yes.

My doc doesn’t want to change my ap anymore. I took all the others. So who else is on some kind of corrector here too? Does it work for your akathisia or anxiety?

@Om_Sadasiva, I always have the impression that you are from india or somewhere in asia sorry wow :slight_smile: .
Otherwise, do you notice any other benefits from the akinetone? I wonder if it can help my anxiety too? Some people say it could be euphoric…

Thank you Wave!!! My doc said to take it, cause the aps suppress a bit the breathing which he noticed in my case. But the problems with my breathe could be an anxiety, idk…

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Yeah I would listen to your doctor and take it @Anna1.
Especially if it’s helping a bit.

my name here is from India. i am from Greece. don’t know about euphoria…

Hey man, i hope my seroquel XR generic will kick in a few days or i will have to up the dosage to 100 mg XR :slight_smile:


Again, the therapeutic dose of seroquel for sz is like 400mg, probably higher with XR. I think you should consider gradually increasing the dose much higher with your pdoc. 100mg XR might not be enough for you.

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i cant tolerate above 150 mg XR or 200 mg normal seroquel due to adverse effecs on my heart, tachyardia that last for 1 hour after taking above 150 mg, should i spread t during the day to avoid this side effect

i do am also taking a beta blocker @Andrew

ill try max dose 150 mg XR and see how that goes

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Make sure you talk to your doctor, good luck.