How many different voices do u have?

i have counted over 200 hundred in total but not all of them speak at the same time. sometimes one voice will meld into another mid word and i also have multiples of the same voices like 2 or 3 distinct personalities of the same voice. what about u?

Cool question jaynebeal.

I now have just one voice. He is an american sounding male. He sounds between 20 and 35.

I used to hear from team of fbi and cia agents…there were a team of 10 of them. I was convinced they were real people in America.

I really hate the guy in my mind now. I would love to trade him with ANY other voice in the world. He is a super ■■■■■■■. He is like nothing else in the world.

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My voices are people I know, my dad, mom, colleagues, teachers, my boss, some people I saw in real life or you tube, or heard their voice in the radio. I only have two to three voices I rarely heard during the years, one is the angel of death which I saw him too, the other is a voice of a man ordering me to do stuff, I got angry at him once so the voice changed into a woman’s voice and changed her attitude. But I know that they are coming mostly from my mind. I hear voices in hypnogogic state only.

specific returning voices, 3. A rude insulting guy, a friendly blue daemon, and the ghost of a little girl who is also friendly. For a short time I had a scientist sounding guy who just observed my actions verbally but i haven’t heard much of him in a long time.

I also get the sound like a crowd of people talking, and one-time voices that just say random things disconnected from anything. like a snippet of somebody in a conversation somewhere else. “Why’d he pick her?” …" use the boltcutter."

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He must have moved out and liked my head better. I’ve been getting this calm scientific voice… “hmm, what is the purpose of choosing that door over the other one… Interesting… a fork over a spoon…”

I probably have about 5 out of context, foreign voices. I hear my parents voice in my head repeating something they actually said a few days ago. I hear more of my family right now. But I’ve just seen them all for the holidays. This happens every year around this time… Then the voices fade. So it’s more like a voice memory of aunts and uncles and cousins.

My commentator has backed off, my hypnotist as also backed off. The panic man is easy to ignore, it’s just a constant stream of babbling panic. It’s like that robot on lost in space… “danger, danger… oh no… more danger”

My little girl is also about 7 or 8. But her voice is my kid sisters voice from when my kid sis was 8. Sounds just like my kid sis when she was 8. It freaks me out sometimes to hear that voice again. Especially since it’s the worst one.

I had three. Old version of me, female (evil bitch) and male (asshole). They sounded like they were about 30 years old, and I’ve seen them manifest as people in my dreams. In one dream, the female voice person was yelling at me (like I cared) and i didnt realize she was yelling at me to move away from the ceiling crashing down on me. It made me wonder what my voices motives were.

But ■■■■ the voices, Geodon and Xanax made them die. I kinda miss “old me” voice, but he was naive.

I have 3 different voices. One is over religious and is always talking about the ‘end’ times. The second is a scary demon type voice that’s always saying I have to do weird compulsions or its going to become real. And the third is a funny voice which mocks people lol all 3 are male sounding. Never have had a female voice.

god thats exactly the same kinda thing. Like he’s making notes on a clipboard.

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