Who managed to have independant life?

anyone understand this question ?
who did that ?


Doing it right now.


I live independent, like someone unemployed but with a guaranteed income. Just my fortnightly injection.
Arcgh, arrgh


I am somewhat independent.

I’m dependent in a way yet still pretty independent.

I am on the disability pension and don’t work.

I do my own groceries etc
Shower daily etc

I get cheaper rent because the land lady is family.

I live well because of family helping me.

If I had no help from family I don’t know if I could do it.

I usually buy ready made meals to microwave so I don’t have to cook.

I take my dog out four times a day.

I pay my own bills and manage my own money.

I appreciate my independence I do have.


I live in supported housing. I have help with most aspects of my life, budgeting, food shopping, cooking, emotional support… I think most of it I don’t need but like the company.


I’ve maintained my own apartment for the past 22 years and kept up on the bills if that’s what you mean by living independently. I have never lost my connection to my little family though.


I am dependent, my pdoc said not to stay alone.

Ive been independant for the past 8 years. Once i moved out the town full of the gob-shites i set up shop here.

My bills are always paid - and ive got a pretty stonking credit rating, considering im on benefits. Ive got enough food to last me at least six months too. The trick is knowing to ask for help when you need it - but try and do it yourself first.

I also refer to my tagline. Bugger everyone else - look after number 1, cos no other sod is gonna do it for you.


I’ve always been independent. My symptoms were never severe enough to interfere with my daily life (for now anyway).

I live alone and look. After myself
But I’m dependent on mum to wash my clothes, clean my flat and supply me with meals also rely on her for emotional support dependent on dad to sometimes help me with finances


I’ve been on my own since 15. So, yeah, I have had an independent life.


Right now I’m living independently and manage my own money, but I used to live with my mom.

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I live with my folks right now, and probably will for awhile. I don’t make enough money via SSDI to live on my own. I’m not sure I could live on my own, though, with handling everyday tasks. I lived on my own prior to SZ. Not sure I could now, maybe one day…

I have lived alone for nearly 5 years now.

The first 6 months I was very unstable, but I got used to it in the end.

It was hard work, and I am thankful my parents let me live with them whilst saving for a downpayment on my apartment.

The prices of property where we live is ridiculous but I got what I could afford at the time. Now I just have to keep it going


Not me. For the first time in like a billion years, I’m quitting the drinks. I’m feeling better. I live a pretty sad, lonely, and pathethic life.

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I live independently — I have my apartment, tight budget but I make it work, I do everything myself with a couple 20’s from my dad here in there — it’s not that hard to just clean and shower everyday, thrift store and dollar store is awesome, food stamps for groceries — it’s about resources

I noticed that without cigs n beer money goes further

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I live alone too, but what does really mean “independent” ? :stuck_out_tongue:
I have a pdoc and a disease rent…

It means you are not receiving financial help from family or friends.

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I live completely independently. I own my own home, I live by myself, pay all my own bills and do everything myself except for having a lady come in and clean for me once a month. My back just can’t handle doing house work anymore

At this stage in my life, I wouldn’t have it any other way


I was just trying to make a witticism. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
To be truly independent is to live alone on an island like Tom Hanks and his volleyball.
I just wanted to joke that we are “social animals.”