How do you live?

  • Independently with little or no support
  • Independently with quite a lot of support
  • Independently with a lot of support
  • With parents or other family member
  • Group home or equivalent

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For me it’s ‘Independently with quite a lot of support’.


Im independant 99% of the time. I run my own council flat and manage the bills, for the past 6 years.

Used to live in supported housing but frankly got pissed off with the lower functioning members, not paying the bills and living off my food.

If i want support i can ring the Duty Social Workers - but thats normally when im getting breakthru symptoms when the jabs due.

Happy batchelor living on my own, Thank you very Much :slight_smile:

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Soon I’ll be living with a roommate but for now I live with my folks

I live in my own apartment with my dog and pay all of my regular bills and do shopping on my own but I receive housing assistance to help pay rent and receive some food stamps. I own my own car and pay my insurance on it every 6 months. I lived with my mom until my mid-30s and could never go back to that lifestyle of being so dependent on someone else. Still, my parents sometimes put a little money in my checking account each month to get me thru til pay day, but they do it from 5000 miles away which works well for all of us.

I stay in my parents house in the city, they come home at random, mostly on weekends do they come home tho.

I also have a roommate that works 12 hours a day for 7 days then he leaves for 7 days.

I live with my husband and rely on him for house and finances which he provides generously

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I live with my GF in a house her daughters set up for her. Her and her ex-husband are the owners. A nice new manufactured home in a very nice retirement park.
She gets help from her family. I used to get $100-150 a month from my mom, but she isn’t doing well enough now to give it to me.
We both get $950 a month thru Social Security and SSI to pay the bulk of our bills.
I rely on clinical trials nowadays for the extra money we need to pay our bills and to get thru the holidays, birthdays, etc.

I live with my mum and sister in a quiet neighbourhood close to the city center. Hope to be living alone again in a couple of years. I take it step by step. There is no need to rush.

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I’m living with my parents. After I get some things with pills straightened out, I plan on getting a job and saving for a condo. I have inheritance but I’ve been too awful to live on my own. I’m on disability.

I voted “live independently with quite a lot of support”. I live alone, independently in my own apartment with my cat.

I depend upon the VA transportation system to drive me back and forth to medical and dental appointments. I depend upon the VA health care system for my medical, psychiatric, audiology, dental and eye care. I depend upon the VA for my medications and my twice monthly AP injections.

I depend upon my friends and acquaintances for transportation around town. I depend upon the city disability van for transportation around town too.

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I live with my parents and I can’t see how I will move out in the next 5 years. It’s sad because I’m 29 and it sucks living with parents at this age. Without a degree, it’s almost impossible to find a good job and to become independent here in Brazil.

I live in my own house with my wife. My son is grown and lives several states away.

I am a retired Marine, a disabled veteran and i work full time. I handle my own finances and do my own shopping and driving.

I get a disability check and pay my rent here for my room and everything else, but I live with my parents. They think I’m not stable enough to go out on my own, but my mom still makes me pay rent to help her. I will be getting my 1st car soon and hopefully a cheap and reliable car. In all honesty I’m happy I’m pretty, young but I need to do more things with my life.

Family member is optimal. I don’t need them 99% of the time but when I do it’s so great to have them around. My mom is the stable one of my two parents, can’t wait to live with her for awhile. I can also live by myself, I did it for a year in 2018, but I feel scared sometimes if there’s nobody around to take care of me if I go psychotic.

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I have been living independently for about 15 years. I live alone in my apartment and it only costs me $140 a month for these last 15 years. That is what call, rent control. I just renewed my rental agreement yesterday.

I live in a house my dad bought me but I still pay him back.

I still live with my parents. I do pay rent to them. I’m dependent on them and my brothers for transportation; I know how to drive but I get so anxious behind the wheel. I’ve heard that gets better with practice though so I should get back to it soon, I guess.

I don’t mind my current living situation but I’m hoping to move in with my boyfriend before too much longer.

Disability payment and government subsidized rent assistance.

I’m in the care services for few years now, the amount of kind and good human beings I’ve met (excluding salesperson type - social psychologists) It almost restores my faith in humanity.

I live alone with pets. It’s nice having my own place.

I always felt anxious living with other people.

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