Who loves you when the money's gone?

A question I’ve had all my life that went unexpressed. It makes me feel very insecure. I know my mother did but she has died. The answer to me is “I don’t know, maybe no one.”

It’s still very much the man is the provider world. So I’m not sure what your having problems with? As I always presumed you were female or did I miss something?

I’m a single female and my father is also deceased as is my brother.

Sorry on your father and brother, but I’m still lost.

That’s alright, I’ve got God.

Some would say you are very rich then.

In my country we have a saying…when money walks out at the front door then love walks out at the back door.

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Will you tell us what very smart country is yours?

I’m from South Africa @chordy . We really have some great sayings and proverbs here. My mother was super sharp. She use to have a saying for almost each subject under the sun

What you gonna do when the dough gets low. B*tch you aint that fine. No way! NO WAY!!!

Better to go down dignified,
With boughten friendship by your side,
Than none at all! Provide! provide.
- Robert Frost -

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