Money and the root of all evil!

So. With ma’s time here fast approaching zero I’m in one of those reflective modes. We never had much money but we always survived. Mum and Dad always worked low end jobs but I realize these days that our emotional lives have always been well kept!

I’ve lived a life at 48. I’ve had money and I’ve had some success but it really doesn’t mean as much as to that emotional support. I spend money it gets me things. Relationships make me more happy than most things and really I’d basically spend more money on food than things!

I will leave this world with nothing. I will not breed which isn’t a bad thing. I think those faulty genes will eventually get dealt with but in the mean time I can be involved with my family and leave behind a tiny legacy which is good.

Crazy Cat Uncle who loves a good time and enjoys their family. That to me is better than all the money in the world!


Will it be ok with your mom gone? Did you rely on her a lot or will you need to look for more support? Sometimes when someone dies of old age it is something to celebrate in some cultures.

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hey @anon62973308 good to see you back and hope your well.

When mum goes it’ll be more financial stress because it will be me and dad. Still. We should be able to do ok on the pensions and get by. It really will be different! I’ll have to pay more into the communal fund but it’s doable and I can still live as large as that will allow!

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I remember you saying last year that you were worried about your parents leaving because you might not be able to maintain your current lifestyle. Hope you spend worthwhile time with your mom before she leaves and plan for your own future. You are resilient and thoughtful. I hope you do ok.


Good luck @rogueone


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