We have to translate everything into money

As humans, even our first breath of air cost money. As we were born, we heard “You realize the doctor cost money.” We soon learn, we cannot play ball without buying a ball. Everything we do, every need we have costs money. Did you ever wish you were a dog. No need for that extra language, the language of money.

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Therefore money makes not literally makes the world go round. I don’t wish I were a dog because I wouldn’t know what kind of owner I would have. But he pays money for my dog food. Money talks so they say, Money above women, so the guys like to say. Money isn’t everything some like to say. We all wish we had more of. Its unfair the rich, middle class, the poor. Money is the root of all evil so some say. Money puts food in your mouth. Clothes on your back. Your right everything we to translate into money. Somehow how it is related to everything and I’m going to go out on a limb on that.

Money! Can’t have enough of it. well, when you grow up dirt poor, you learn to use up the things you already have, wear out items before buying new, make it do with items you already own instead of buying brand new, or do without.
Guess I’m lucky, because I don’t make bills I can’t pay, or spend more than I make.
I pay cash for everything, and don’t really want much so it works well with my limited income
It’s funny that when I got divorced a year and a half ago, we were millionaires (so the ex husband says on paper), he parted with all the money, and I get my SSDI which is a little over 15K a year, and get to live in the old house.
To me nothing changed, it feels the same sans ex hubby

People often misquote that statement. It says in the Bible that it is the “love of money that is the root of all kinds of evil.” Not money in itself. So people who put money ahead of God and neighbor, are the ones who are problematic. If it wasn’t for the love of money, then there wouldn’t be this great gap between the rich and the poor in this country (US).


But they do need that language, unless they are wild dogs…
A dog must act the part to be wanted by a human owner. Dog learns what to do if hungry and has communication skills to beg you to put food in the dish or give them a treat…I had one wolf dog that would point at the bowl with her nose and paw it and point and howl “wooo wooo ooo” and just look at me…often getting fed early from these antics.
The dog food cost money…
Nosing the leash and then standing at the door and repeating these gestures to go for a walk…
The leash cost money.
Strangely my last 3 dogs did not play “get the stick” like many dogs do…sticks don’t cost money…

If love for money is evil do you suppose most rich people are evil? I mean they would most likely would have love for money if they became super rich. I just think putting the words on money in god we trust makes us question our god how benevolent is he? People still don’t know why there is a pyramid with an eyeball symbolism. They are the ones who put the phrase in god we trust. So to them God is money. Feel free to correct my reasoning.

most rich people I’ve known don’t love money in fact they tend to be dismissive of it and look down on flaunting it. I believe the pyramid and eye ball thing is Masonic symbolism is it not?

Eye of provedence…it actually predates the masonic use of it, though it was used by both ancient Egyptians and christians both

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Like the third eye and such. I guess it’s just a symbol they all agree would be god watching over us.

a smile is free
love is free
friendship is free
nature is free
a hug is free
the majestic sea is free.
wait, i can’t breath !!..oh no !.. i just remembered the air is free…lol
take care

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