Who likes haldol?

i am on 3,75 mg right now. its not a big dose but i am calmer i think. i hope ill get better within the months :).

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No it reminds me of the hospital. That and thorazine :scream: and Prolixin :scream_cat:

Give me 2nd generation meds not first

ok i see. its ok till now my haldol. its my 20 day. one friend told me that i should be really sz to stand haldol :smiley:

At one time they had me on 40 mg a day. That was bad. Now I’m on Geodon, and things are much better. If Haldol is working for you I’m glad, but I sure don’t want to ever take it again.

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I am on 2mg, yes a tiny dose-but it’s working for me. My voices are gone! After 42 years of hearing them constantly I am free! May sound weird but today I am missing them, it’s lonely in my head.