What dosage of GEODON stop voices?

I’m still hearing voices!!!

I don’t know man, I’m sorry :cry:

I’m on invega

You’re so amazing that they just can’t go away… Sam addiction I believe it’s called :sunglasses:

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i dont know either,i ve never had voices but i have one awful sound in my head. ive got it less worse already at the 15th day of my haldol. how long you are on geodon? haldol is heavier probably but maybe more potent.

Oh hell no! These voices are sickening!

I was taking .5 mg haldol. But it made me lazy and uniterested in life. Geodon is like few weeks. But I just upped my dosage.

Maybe give time for the body to adjust to the new med?

yes i know. my pdoc wanted to give me geodon for second time in my life. but ive tried it already,i didnt get better but maybe its my mistake cause i was taking it for a month maximum… i am trying now with haldol,maybe i am really nervous to feel fine till now on it :slight_smile:

Minimum of 80mg, I take 120

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i take 240 mg geodon, 100 mg seroquel and 500 mg clopixol bi weekly. thats a typically and 500 mg clopixol bi weekly is the same as 40 haldol in pilform dayly. this cocktail removes the voices and paranoia. but if i reduce the zeldox just a littel then the voices returns,

In my experience Geodon was completely useless, it didn’t do anything for my voices and it gave me horrible side effects like uncontrollable blinking. It stopped when I stopped taking it.

80 Geodon 2X daily and 400 Seroquel 2X daily takes care of most hallucinations for me.

I have been all the way up to 160 mg of Geodon. It never made the voices go away for me, but it made them friendlier. Give it a few more weeks. You only started at 40 mg, which is a sub-therapeutic dose.