Who is coming off antipsychotics in the future?

That’s pretty harsh tbh. All I’m doing is searching for hope and that is what this forum should be about.

Most of my posts have related to medication reduction and the responses I received help me make that decision.

You have spammed the forum for weeks asking the same thing over and over

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Harsh or not, that’s the rule. People get sick of the same post and begin believing the poster is a troll or spammer.

Again, keep it to one post.

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Don’t think I have repeated the post …, there all different….

I’ll maybe try coming off meds in the future, or change meds. I suspect I might get some sleep problems if I try to get off the meds though (olanzapine), but I’m not sure. We’ll see.

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It’s the same topic, over and over.

Again, just keep it to this thread.


Well those were the questions I was looking to answer. And all information I’ve received has helped me.

Only two people have been critical everyone else has been helpful.

Power corrupts……

I’d let it drop and not antagonize @Luke83 . Your going to end up with a locked thread and/or suspension if you don’t let it lie.

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My apologies…. Just think some people can be a little negative in their communication. Subject dropped.

Sorry again

Never mind. I see the apology.

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Subject dropped…. Don’t mean to upset you or be subject to your powers as a mod.

Just been interested in medication reductions and coming off aps like you.

I’ve learned a lot on here so thankful for all those who have supported me and given information.

Again really sorry if I’ve repeated myself, but it is what has been on my mind.
Really sorry again

Have you tried before and what dose are you on?

Thank you 151515

I’m not, I like the one I am on, so far so good.

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Glad you’re doing okay

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Yes I’ve tried before, I made it many months before having a psychosis. I’m on 7.5mg olanzapine now.

I think I want to try again sometime, or maybe wait for better medication in the future and switch.

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Exactly the same position I’m in. I’ve managed to get down to 5mg Olanzapine though.

Feeling a lot better than I did on 7.5mg

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I would recommend lurasidone, abilify, vraylar or any other antipsychotics known to have milder side effects, check with your doctor.

Or you could give the newer medicine like caplyta (selling in us now),sep 363856 or karxt a try when they release. They are tested to have less debilitating side effects

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How long have you now been on antipsychotics since your last relapse? Mine is five months.
CPN says it’s to soon to come off now, but will speak about it in a year.