Who recovered on emotins on meds?

Honestly, i find the aps a killers of emotions. I try now being on a small dose but i am afraid. Nothing will help me to feel normal again if my emotions will be dead because of the meds… i guess its not the case of everybody here to see their emotions dead but in my case they are if the ap is too strong. Who recovered on their emotions and after how much time?
Were you just badly drugged in the beginning of your trt? I spent two years on zyprexa and i was just drugged, nothing like a normality for all this time…

I still have emotions, just don’t show them very well. Zyprexa was my first AP. It worked well on my delusions, but damn did I feel drugged up. That’s because of how much I was on, though. They had me taking 15 mg twice a day; I could barely drag myself out of bed.

Hey,freakonleash,thanks for sharing. On a big dose it was a really bad drug for me. I was feeling exhausted but in the same time too “awaken”… i couldnt never feel my brain as chilled one :expressionless:. But without some trt i start to lose my emotions too. Ill see now if a smaller dose can work without a lot of suffering and feeling emotions in the same time. But i guess you too dont believe that meds should work after years no?

I think the meds I’m on now work pretty well for me, actually. I was on and off of Zyprexa for a while, it was my go-to AP. But when I tried it again last year an effective dose of it caused me to have terrible akathisia. I couldn’t sleep. Now I’m on Abilify Maintena injections and low-dose Haldol tablets, and the combo works pretty well for me. The Abilify kills my sex drive to an extent, but I consider that to be a small sacrifice to have my sanity. :slight_smile:

Ok, thanks, i see. But why zyprexa doesnt put us to sleep? For me its the same… my doc was sayinh that it has an antideprressive effecr but the most of my friends sleep like babies on it lol…

I’m looking through my drug guide and some antipsychotic can influence your mood.

Zyprexa used to make me awfully drowsy, but now that it causes akathisia, not so much. It’s hard to sleep when your body is twitching. Oh well, just means I can’t do Zyprexa anymore. Seroquel and Risperdal both did the same thing to me, though, so I can’t have either of those, either. I’ve been tried on most atypical APs, and Abilify has been the best one for me so far.

Oh people, what am i going to do if my ap is killing my emotions? All the aps are like that too i find… plus, only the zyprexa puts me on my feet. Do you believe i can get used to this dumbness with time?

I always ask to try something different if I can’t bear the side effects. I don’t remember which one, but one drug made me extremely restless. Seroquel knocked me out day and night. I’m not on either now. I switched so I could handle the side effects.

Do you believe that it can take years to recover on emotions on meds? For me, it seems a bit like a lie from my doc… What if the Zyprexa is killing my emotions? I tried many other aps, I have already fear to always switch. some aps made me even crazier like clopixol, haldol, seroquel, abilify, clozapine… idk what to do now. I am trying to be on a lower dose of my Zyprexa now but maybe even this is killing my emotions I am not sure…

I recovered somewhat. I am less neurotic now.

But were you emotionless in the beginning of your treatment? It took a time for you to get used to the med, is that right? Me, I was an year and a half on 7,5 mg of Zyprexa and my emotions were like blocked inside me so I am afraid now…

Yes, I thought I wasn’t real or didn’t exist. Can’t get much worse than that. I also felt the outside world wasn’t real. I also had severe anhedonia.

Supplements probably helped so did Cogentin among other things. Topamax got me out of my head.

Sometimes I try to remember how I was before sz and I used to have more complex emotions, now it’s just happy or sad or angry, it’s like I’m cold also I don’t feel very motivated, I think it’s because of antipsicothics that take away your dopamine

I like Vraylar because it can increase dopamine a bit if it’s too low. I think abilify is similar.

yeah, aps are killers of the will in my case too. I like the calm which Zyprexa provides me but I am afraid that it makes me quite passive too. and its not my illness… I look better on meds, I look normal but I am passive and anhedonic too…

When I see a baby or my nephews I should feel tenderness or something but I just see them as any other person, I think that is not right. Also when I forget to take my meds or I run out I start getting so many emotions so I would say it’s the meds fault.

But what can we do about this, @Bokeh? I cant imagine a life where I am emotionless like this… To take an antidepressant or what? Or can the time help us to recover on these emotions? Since how much time you are on meds in fact? hmmm… I guess they zombify us forever…

As far as I know it’s the dopamine that gives us the sz symptoms so high dopamine = sz, low dopamine = controlled sz but also low pleasure and motivation

I would like to eventually quit meds with my pdoc prescription offcourse because I think that would make me feel more alive