Did i make a mistake to raise my zyprexa?

Ok, I raised my Zyprexa to 10 mgs… But I am afraid, that ill get too dull and numb again :confused:
The problem is that on lower doses, I was having too much my fears… I was able only to pace when seeing people and this was painful… This couldn’t last either… If you just cant sit on a couch, its too much…
Ok, I was in the negatives too in my illness, which made me quite numb too through the years, but will I be able to get more ‘‘alive’’ again emotionally and intellectually even on 10 mgs? Is your ap an obstacle to feel and think? Or its more my illness now and the consequences of the loneliness and the inactivity?
I just hope I didn’t make a mistake to raise the ap… 10 mgs is not a big dose, but still… Maybe I need time to feel less dull, what do you think? How much time after the sedation of the ap? Were you dulled in the start of your ap, did you recover despite this without being numbed after some time?

Im on 10. I think its good.
On 20 it felt Kinda harsch in my head.

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Do you have all your emotions and intellect now? Did it dull you in the start? My pdoc said, that maybe I took too many aps in the past, way too many… I stop switching them three years ago. But maybe I am numbed by my illness and the isolation too… I just want to be sure, that ill have my intellect and my emotions back and that this ap wont be an obstacle?.. Its a shame I don’t have them now…

I dont feel numb.

Ok, maybe its my illness, idk…

Some others? Do you think, that the emotional and intellectual numbness will go away with time? Ok, I am calmer now, I don’t pace so much anymore, but I don’t have a lot of positive emotions… Do you think its more the illness or the med though? Tbh, I find a little bit those aps dulling, idk… Maybe ill get used to this dose with the time, so i’ll start to have back my emotions?

I was taking 80mg zyprexa.
Why did you raise it? It doesn’t help much with the negative symptoms

Because of my fears, Om… They were very, very painful…I couldn’t even sit on a couch calmly, it was consuming me from inside… My paranoia is a positive symptom.

What’s your definition of paranoia?

Why we always talk about my paranoia, Om? My docs know it better than you and i… I am having paranoia, my lack of calm is a positive symptom, yeap… I am so ill, that I even don’t realize it, but I don’t think, that all the docs are wrong on this, no… There’s no way… But I have negative symptoms on the other hand, which maybe are the reason why I don’t get better. The sedentary and the isolation killed me too, yes… But my main doc was saying, that she wants to decrease my fears first… She said, that she cant help my negatives, but I need an ap for my fears…

Yes my antipsychotic makes me feel numb. I don’t have strong emotional reactions to things that should probably upset or bother me…I’m just meh

Also I feel disconnected. I have not cried in the two years I have been on paliperidone. And at times I’m crying inside but nothing happens.

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Is it what do the aps in general, @Qwerty? Do they dull the emotions? I had problems with my emotions before the meds too tbh, so i’ll try to be more active now in order to see them back… But maybe itll be hard, yeap. The aps slow down the thinking too, which slows down the emotions I guess…

I was on 40mg for 8 years, horrible stuff. I put on 70 pounds in 2 weeks the first time I was on it. My GP just didn’t know what else to do because it helped a little, literally, a little, but it’s the only AP that I didn’t have a reaction to. So she just said as long as I still had young kids that she recommended I stay on 40mg.

Well, I got off it in March, lost almost 75 pounds since then without changing diet or exercising, but other health issues have occurred.

I just have to say, if it works, but you need an increase, do it slow. My 15 year old is backing down from 4 years on 20mg, he’s down to 15mg and no no longer takes his ritalin for Adhd, he’s adjusting, but it’s been for the best.

For what it’s worth, I’m on 50mg and it’s done right by me. No major side effects I’ve noticed.

From the French Wikipedia page about antipsychotics“:

By reducing monoaminergic activity, neuroleptics (antipsychotics) decrease the intensity of emotions: fear, joy, anger, love, desire, combativity, others. They slow down the psyche, including imaginative and intuitive functions. […] Under neuroleptics, the facets of the patient’s personality can be altered.”

This is true but what is also true is that when you take antipsychotics you are not sick.

Finally, to answer your question, before antipsychotics, I was a very emotive person that was talking a lot and was funny. On antipsychotics, I am not like that anymore but at least I am feeling well.

We talk about paranoia cos many times you have defined paranoia as just anxiety, which is wrong

I have them both, Om - paranoia and anxiety. But my anxiety is so bad too, that my doc says that an ap is good for it too. I know other people with anxiety, who are not szs, and they take aps too for it.

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Sounds like anxiety from akathisia. Raising the dose won’t help. Best be on the lowest dose.

No, it wasn’t from akathisia, that I was pacing. I was feeling it more from lack of calm… Day 4 on the bigger dose and I stopped pacing like this… But yeah, I don’t have many positive emotions now…

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