Who else doesnt feel nothing on his app too? Isnt it strange?

Ok, so the Zyprexa is really like a sugar pill for me… I say its strange…
Don’t get me wrong, it put me on my feet and at least I sleep and eat because of it, but I feel nothing on it for the rest :confused: … I never felt nothing… Not even a sedation, nothing… I say its strange…
I am still bad mentally and emotionally till the point, that since two decades, I even wonder what is a good sane state… Idk this either and I often am here on my couch, thinking and trying to feel normal… Idk what it is at all… Cause yeah, the rest is a pain… I have my somatics, I have my emotions blocked in me ‘‘negatively’’ and other bunch of things… But I gave up a bit to wait from the meds to be fine, I struggle just walking through life like this, in the hope that i’ll end up by wake up this brain of mine and heal on the emotions so they don’t hurt only…
But all my ill friends say to me, that the Zyprexa knocks them out after it take, they feel sedated on it in the day, while for me - nothing… strange…

I was taking 80mg zyprexa daily and felt nothing

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Yeah, but this is strange… Maybe cause we are too low already by the illness :smirk: I also should recover on the thinking but I don’t wait this from a med anymore… They can’t get me better on the cognitives etc… My emotions are in pain too, but this too comes from the mind I guess…
Thanks for answering om, but zyprexa is a heavy med, strange that we don’t feel it…

Om_Sadasive do you still believe about truman show, matrix… i ask you because i am in the same situation.

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Meds do nothing for negative and cognitive symptoms sadly. It’s normal. I hope someday they find a med for those but I doubt this anytime soon or before I die.

Yes, I always believe in matrix and truman show. I don’t suffer from them all the time, though

i am medicated (zyprexa)but for me its real. all peoples seems to know me, who i am etc. etc.

I don’t always suffer from this.
When I do, though, I feel that my slightest move is recorded in cameras and all people know me and are actors. These days i don’t think about it.

i sometimes think about simulated reality and aliens… that our civilization is controled by aliens.

Yes, it’s possible

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Anna, I know you don’t like to hear this, but you need a new doctor. Nothing you’re describing sounds like schizophrenia. All these meds are just making you sick. You need a doctor who will take you off everything and just start over to figure out what works and what doesn’t. You’re miserable and you don’t have to be. That is the greatest tragedy in this situation.

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I need some ap, cause without it, I stop to eat or sleep. I tried without Zyprexa. But yeap, I don’t feel it mentally too… But I cannot not to sleep or eat either, so I take it for this. My doc said, that it already helped if it did this. For the mind thing, I should do smth else I guess…

Why doesn’t your doctor add something else to your meds like an antidepressant or mood stabilizer? Perhaps that would get you feeling better. I don’t think life is meant to be this hard.

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@Anna1 As you say your feelings hurt. maybe not to hurt so much?
laugh a little how does it feel. pinch yourself. prime the pump. think what can i feel about what they are saying, or what did i feel long ago.
do role playing and plan out what you want to feel. :smiley:

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I am on a mood stabilizer already. The ads make my body sensations worse and they raise my paranoia, I am not made for them…
Nope, I don’t believe in meds anymore for all my recovery… There are no meds for negatives, plus I have intellectual deficits and there was no ap who made me better on those deficits… I don’t believe there is a med who’ll give me back my reason and my thinking… Its up to me now… I made my peace that my illness is quite painful and i’ll work to get better on this… Its hard here in fact, cause I am ill since kid and this is the worse prognosis… Life is not meant to be hard, but there are many people still who doesn’t respond well to meds, its nothing new…
Anyway, its all in my mind still, I am fighting here.

I also have negative and cognitive symptoms.
I only get out of bed to eat and shower every 7-9 days. My parents get my med and food. I feel mentally disabled. I started hearing voices at 16-17 y.o. I also had catatonia at the beginning of my SZ. I still have mild catatonia where I freeze but it happens less and its less intense.

Before my SZ, I wanted to be a doctor and I had the grades to.

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I’ve been on it for so long I nearly forgot what it feels like without aps.

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