Keep cycling between a fragile ok type feeling and terrible, awful anxiety/paranoia

I say anxiety/paranoia because for me the two go hand in hand

I feel the fact I can cycle between the two in as little as an hour makes the feelings less valid - kinda like I must be histrionic and putting it on

Are you on mood stabilizer? Depakote helps with anxiety

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On no mood stabiliser. Will mention it to my doc though - seeing him monday

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Depakote is a really wonderful drug. No side effects, no weight gain, no interfering with other meds. It’s overall great and good for mood and mind stability.

It might be called a mood stabilizator but it helps with your mentally stability as emotions and thoughts go toghter.

I think you should try it, write it down and Monday talk with your pdoc.
Remeber to try it, its been really great for me

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Do you know the generic name for it?

Is it sodium valproate?

It’s main ingredient it’s sodium valproat

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Thanks croc. Yeah we have that med in this country. Will ask about it

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