May stay on a low dose of Depakote

I may remain on 500mg of Depakote.
To avoid unwanted side effects like massive weight gain and liver damage.

I mean my moods have seemed to stabilize and I’m no longer stressing out so easily, but still feeling stressed a bit.

I texted my psychiatrist to ask her but lately she doesn’t respond.

I think that I’ll continue on 500mg and see how I do in the long run.

She wants me to go up to 1000mg a day.


Hopefully it works out. If I want a different dosage than what’s prescribed, I just make another appointment with my doctor to discuss it

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Yeah I see her next week.
I’ll discuss it then.

Thanks @ZmaGal

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ah it’s good that you will discuss it!
best of luck @Wave

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Thanks @lekkerhondje

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I think they dose that according to blood levels so, I would definitely listen to the pdoc @Wave .

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Yeah I’ll see how it goes.
1000mg was my old dose.
It’s not terribly high.

Thanks @SkinnyMe

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No, it’s not much, @Wave .

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