Who here take ozempic or wegovy to lose weight?

Who here take ozempic or wegovy to lose weight ? And how have you lose weight and in how many Time ?.
Have you experienced with it disagreaments like vomiting, hurt stomach, or others ?

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Ozempic is a diabetic medication and should not be used for weight loss by non-diabetics.

I took ozempic. Have not taken it for 10 days. Bad gas seemed to drop off, but today I have been having some mild sulfer burps again. Not sure what this means.

To answer your question , yes, stomach issues, vomiting and others including acid reflux. Vomiting tended to not be often for me, but on ocassion.

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Terrible medication. I lost 5 kgs but I literally avoided eating and walked 2-3 hours daily for 3-4 months.

Then, when I quit it because of side effects, the hunger increased by manifold (much more than normal) and I gained all the 5 kgs back.

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You seem not too Big on your picture ? What IS your treatment ?