Who here is symptoms free on medication

Anyone have no positive symptoms?

I don’t hallucinate. I have what others would consider delusions though. So…


I don’t usually hallucinate but still have delusions and some paranoia. But not hallucinating is pretty good in my opinion.


98-ish percent symptom free!


I’m back to almost no positive symptoms now that we are through the move and I’ve stopped abusing my heart condition on an hourly basis. I expect to be symptom free again by next Monday at this rate. Giving the credit to a combo of Geodon and Amyloban 3399 (freaking miracle supplement).


Not totally symptom free but improving slowly


I have zero positive symptoms on Zyprexa. Even my crippling paranoia is gone. I love this stuff!


All I have is a minor bit of paranoia. I think in about 5 years I could come off meds. Recovery after positive symptoms is a lot slower than you think.

I get faint voices when I’m stressed but they leave when I get relaxed and have a cup of tea. I was worried they weren’t actually the same voices I had been hearing but yesterday when they were here they told me they were only gone for my mothers sake (they emphasized the word mother)and they told me to quit my job and they were calling me my nickname and said I had free will and they knew I couldn’t hear them so they tried talking louder. They also laughed when I hit the post lol.there was clear talking I was definently hearing voices.

Right now I’m not having any positive symptoms.
Just stressed out and still a bit paranoid.

Meds take care of the voices but I still deal with alot of paranoia.

I have zero positive symptoms or anxiety think my meds can be lowered again.

I’m almost positive symptom free. Every once in a while, I’ll get a symptom here and there though. But, it doesn’t last.

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I’ve been symptom free for a year and a half now.

im close but still have symptoms sometimes, voices have gotten so quiet i barely notice them nowadays

I still write voices down on the 13th pdf.
I still have some delusions.
I have no disorganized thought, nor psychomotor agitation, nor flat affect and other negative symptoms etc

Were your voices smart and really lifelike, intelligent?

Are the voices faint? Were your voices smart and really lifelike when you had them?

I’ve never had voices, just really intricate delusions.

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I have no positive symptoms unless my shot wears off.

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