Are you symptom free?

I am kind of symptom free in that voices and paranoia, the usual bs, just flare up with stress.

I always think about potential cures when I’m down. Like that mice have been cured, and I’m pretty much symptom free. (I don’t have psychotic breaks, I’m not in the hospital, I’m stable and active. And maybe a genius. Haha.) I just can’t join the military or get rid of my restlessness enough to be comfortable. I have like major anhedonia or the inability to become sated or feel pleasure. I could go on. Luckily I have a doctors appt coming up. Positive thoughts appreciated. Thanks in advance for your input. Feel free to share. Comment or pm me about your experiences.

  • Yes
  • No
  • Kind of/somewhere in between

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I don’t have any psychosis but I do have mild depression and anxiety so I voted kind of/somewhere in between

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I have very mild voices but I can still have half-conversations with them.

I might have to live with it, if Amyloban 3399 doesn’t make them mute, and if alkaline water and SkQ1 fails to heal my brain injury well enough.

nope, i was close to it at one point but i have never been fully symptom free

Yes, I get my symptoms completely free of charge.


I don’t have many severe symptoms, but they’re way milder than they were before medicines.

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I’m less paranoid. The central voice/thoughts that commented on everything I did are pretty well gone.

My depression is good if I take the pills. I came unstuck because I forgot a couple of days and effexor is a beotch for withdrawals but back on the wagon!

So. I have my moments but I’m far better situated that pre meds!

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I was voice free for 8 whole months, but recently I started hearing whispering voices but they go when I’m distracted. I also have voices when I’m stressed so I guess I’m somewhere in between. I hear whispering voices and louder ones when stressed. I’m pretty depressed about it because I was voice free for so long.

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The moving and kid-going-to-college stress has mostly rolled past. The Amyloban 3399/Geodon combo is doing it’s thing and I’m back to feeling like I don’t have SZ. Absolutely wonderful. Keep my stress below a certain threshold and all is good.

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95% Syptom free but hear occasional voices calling me Gay which I ignore tbh

I still have daily voices that pick on me

No, not really, if someone disected my thoughts they would probably say psychosis. This morning my thoughts are all over, occasionally able to calm down and be focused on a task.

The ap I was taking had no effects whatsoever on the symptoms:

  • feelings in my head, stomach and feet, ranging from unpleasant to unbearable torture (the torture is gone for now, currently mostly unpleasant feelings in my head)
  • voices
  • the “spirit” that possesses my body and controls me 100% of the time (even this thing is written by that “spirit”) and does things I wouldn’t do every now and then
  • blank mind with no thoughts whatsoever, except “inserted”, foreign thoughts/concepts; my own thoughts are completely gone
  • no emotions
  • complete anhedonia
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Compared to when I was sick before I am 1000 times better. Not perfect but I can cope with the psychosis well on meds.

Recently it has been anxiety that has been driving me down. It has been horrible and has made me feel very sick.

I find the schizophrenic devil is in that final 1% of symptom suffering. Oftentimes schizophrenics feel like they have symptoms 100% in control, but if they sit in silence they hear those familiar whispers again, and end up getting a flareup from listening to them.

Living with that 1% of symptoms is like playing a game of distraction, chaining one activity with another, so they are never alone to hear the garble and get sucked into the crazy dimension again.


I was getting less and less symptoms but in last four months menopause hit me like a tone of bricks and symptoms have been flaring up and worse than ever

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