Who here is symptoms free on medication

I’ve been on Zyprexa 22 years. One word of advice don’t over do it on the sugar.

@Wantsome480 I don’t have a problem with eating too much sugar. I know what you’re talking about though, I was on Zyprexa previously between 1996-97 when it first came out, and I craved sugar all the time. My glucose levels kept testing high, but my A1C was fine so I wasn’t diagnosed with diabetes.

This time around, I have been on the immediate offensive against weight gain from the first day I started it on March 13. I am limiting my calories to under 1400. I don’t have enough calories in the day to get into trouble with sugar! And I refuse to go over 1400 calories, I did 1800 one day and gained a full pound. I am determined to lose 140 pounds, I am currently down 80.


@velociraptor, I hope you weren’t too hard on your heart! I know you needed to do things but I hope you’re still taking care of yourself.

I’ve heard of people gaining weight from Zyprexa but it didn’t happen to me. I eat what ever I want but I crave a lot of sugar.

I pushed it more than I should have, but sometimes you’ve got no choice. Just strap on the oxy bottle and hit it like a mutha. I’m puttering around at a relaxed pace listening to SQFM and snacking on julienne red pepper today. Trying to take the chill approach to unpacking.


That sounds good. I’m glad you’re resting after such a workout

I’m battling the akathisia side effect. A lot of my suffering comes from it, which is sad since the medication helps me otherwise.

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@agent101g, Have your pdoc order the medication, Cogentin, for your akathisia. It works for me. You only take it as you need it.


I only have a voice pop up every few days or fewer. It used to be daily, all the time.

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I was taking cogentin but she (my psychiatrist) took me off it and put me on propranalol instead. She said she didn’t believe the cogentin was helping… I thought it was. I might bring it up next appointment.

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