Anyone symptom free?

Anyone symptom free? Think my negatives have gone. No delusions or voices. I think I get slightly paranoid thoughts sometimes like that there might be people around me that know a bad thing I said in past. Don’t know if that’s psychosis.


I always have negative symptoms, can go for extended periods without positive symptoms.

Are you still on medication? My negative symptoms are less now I’m on 5mg Olanzapine

Yeah I’m on Depixol.

I wish I was symptom free.
I’m not sure if your paranoia is a symptom of schizophrenia or just a way of thinking.

I’m positive symptom free but not negative.

I am symptom free

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Is that an antipsychotic?

Yeah I get an injection.

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No I have positive and negative symptoms still

My negatives were severe or really bad for 10 years and then decreased substantially due to grit and hardwork and forcing myself. I still have them. My delusions never went away. My delusions started out with 2 of them: matrix belief (theory) and wormhole travel. Then when I started digging into my memories and using deep introspection, it blossomed into hundreds of different but loosely connected beliefs or delusions. I never hallucinated. I might have been diagnosed with something else besides schizophrenia early on if it wasn’t for my negatives and delusions. Maybe simple schizophrenia.

I couldn’t work or take care of myself or function and I had confusion and got lost in reality and my environment. I had dp/dr a severe case and had psychomotor r…

I’ve never seen things besides the occasional shadow or black cat rofl…

I don’t get physical hallucinations except when I’m dreaming or I get the occasional voice or song when trying to sleep. Meds help me but also make me more unlikely to work I think. Maybe not. Doctor once said when I stop my meds I just sleep all day and cannot take care of myself or work. I don’t know. I stopped trusting doctors…

I had dreams or real consciousness transfer where I lived billions of different lives via soul transfer before 2011. I keep coming back to 2011 via soul transfer in time and parallel universes. Makes me think this is the original clone or anchor body or I’m astral projecting or time traveling via my mind via a wormhole in my head lol…(Farscape…John Chriton stuff)…

Like is there a time machine in my head???

That’s why I don’t think life is real or real before 2011 because I was somewhere else including outside the matrix living in a parallel world just as real, less real, and more real as this one…

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