Who here is in school? If so, how do you cope with the illness?

I am in college and I lift weights a lot, take meds, have been in therapy for years, and I am a little bit of a perfectionist. Some people remark on how intense I am about everything, school included. I used to smoke cigarettes but have quit for about three months now.

I think the working out is responsible for my sanity. That and the meds. Therapy just makes me feel less pain and learn to manage the inevitable pain.

I’m studying psychology.

I’m just trying to get my education. i’m a writer. i’m trying to learn as much as I can so I can write gewd. Not going for a degree just yet because I could never work a 40 hour per week job. Just trying to learn as much as I can. I cope by taking my medication and going to therapy and living as healthy a lifestyle as I can. I’m bright. My dad went to cornell and my mom is sensible and smart. I have good genetics overall. School is a struggle but if I get a class I can enjoy nothing can stop me. If I don’t enjoy it I’ll probably end up dropping it or whatever…I took 4 years off from school then went back and took psychology last spring and did really well. School is good no matter what reason you do it for. Maybe one day I’ll go to a four year and try to graduate, but I’m not crazy about getting my associates degree from my community college. Doesn’t seem like it would accomplish me much more than I’m already on pace to do.

I’m part time at school… I’ve been chipping away with one class on campus and one class on-line.

My job is flex schedule… but pretty close to 40… so I can’t take more.

I cope by taking the meds… going to therapy… doing the work…
trying to keep my Zen perspective… and getting out into the water.

Getting off the land… away from the hustle and bustle… away from the noise… away from the heat… it helps me a lot. Plus… my job is also part of my sanity… it’s not mentally hard… it’s out in nature…

Of course… I’m damn lucky when it comes to family.


I take online classes. That means I sit naked in front of the computer, doing my schoolwork, eating pudding, and listening to the radio as I work.


I dropped after 1 semester in 2012, I couldn’t hack the classroom setting at the time. Fortunately I WP leaving my TAA money in tact. As soon as I get stabilized I’m going back. Online first. Just don’t want to jump the gun again.

I’m so landlocked…it sucks. I’ve been near mountains, lakes and rivers for the last 10yrs until recently.
I’d like to settle in the Petaluma/Napa Valley area. More “my people” ya know?

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How close are you to getting your degree or certificate, SurprisedJ?

I am graduating this september in a masters in logic and philosophy. Currently writing a thesis without taking courses and that has been somewhat of a struggle at first. I found that the set routine of classes to go to helped to keep me going. Without such structure, it became a little more difficult to get as much work done as I would like to. It is harder without your classmates and teachers that rely on you showing up and doing your coursework. With the thesis, at first I had a deadline that was months away… not much of a pressure to get things done.

Now things are going better, for I have arranged with my thesis supervisor to meet regularly once a week - which is quite much. In addition, I lowered my AP ( Abilify from 15 to 10) which was supposed to be more activating. Together these have helped to keep me on track.

My thesis is on the intelligibility of delusions. The main view is that these are irrational beliefs, and therefore not understandable, although they might be explanable in terms of neural mechanisms that give rise to them. I will not be concerned with such a type of explanation, which is of a causal kind and belongs to the cognitive/neuro sciences. However, the question of what exactly a delusion is (think of a definition) has been controversial. My thesis will be about that question, and will thus also try to make sense of delusional utterances, rather than disregarding them as nonsense. In some sense, it will be similar to a work in descriptive psychology, rather than explanatory psychology.


I on 2 year management degree course
I go back in September for final year
I have a mentor at college
I walk alot

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I’m in school, barely. I’m taking two online classes this summer, but they are almost over and I think I’m going to be getting No Pass in both of them. It’s stupid because in half of the assignments, if you don’t get over 90% then you get a 50% or 0%. I manage by spending time with family in my down time, taking 30mg of abilify a day, and seeing a psychologist once a week. I feel really disappointed in myself though. I used to be a better student.

Hi Nick…

At the rate I’m going… I’ve got at least three years before I get the AA… I had some catching up to do… but If I can get the classes for the certificate by next year… I can transfer to the greenhouses and work as I go to school.

I hear Petaluma has good surfing… From what I read… Petaluma has a lot of mellow surfer families… I could be comfortable there too… Good luck getting back to the ocean.


I’m about to start my 2nd year of a AAS degree nursing program. I had hoped to take a part time job this summer but haven’t mustered up to the task yet. I’ve slowly been adding more responsibility and stuff to my life in preparation of working as a nurse. I’ve been able to handle the pressure of school which is extremely rigorous and competitive, and also completing clinical hours. I was volunteering but that dried up.

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Sounds like really quite the interesting read, good luck on finishing your thesis!

I started community college right after high school for three years and then transferred to a university in the upper peninsula of Michigan. I finished a semester but then I decompensated there and ended up in trouble with the law, and in the hospital for three weeks and had to drop out.

Then I came home and took a year off, and now I'm registered for classes again at the community college. I'm taking physical science, geography, and international relations. 

I isolate myself with schoolwork sometimes, spend way too much time editing and revising papers, over and over, constant, non-stop. 

Good job on going to school, all of you, it really is great to learn. 

Take care!
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I’m a full time college student, I’m a double major in psychology and mathematics. I think it helps because it distracts me and gives me something to focus on. What really elevates my symptoms is free time with lots of time to thinks.

Because I have manic states, having something to work on helps. Having nothing to do in those states leads to impulsive decisions like stopping my meds, and so on.

For many years I walked a lot. (Until I had a groin injury.) Walking was great for me.

For many year i did manual labor. (Until my back gave out.) Manual labor was great for me.

I got sick around age 17, but I did finish college with a BA degree. I’m pretty good at paper work, and my life asks me to do a fair amount of paper work.


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What kind of pudding? Enquiring minds want to know. :wink:


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Lol, instant chocolate, butterscotch, or pistachio.
It’s simple. One package pudding mix, two cups milk.
Stir for two minutes, than refrigerate for 5 minutes.


“How do you cope…?”

Chasing the impossible dream here. Seroquel and meditation there.

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Yes going to college helps me focus and gives me goals, gets me out of my flat and gives me something to do

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Yeah, that’s how I’m doing it, one class at a time. I should get my degree in less than two years. That’s cool that you take classes on campus, I’m trying to finish school online.

My son wants to go back to University end of August after having a break in June, 2 weeks before summer school was over. He was able to get an extension on one of the courses and just finished the final assignments. He is med compliant, but still drinking beer, 2-3 per day, and smoking pot and cigs and drinks lots of coffee. Seems to get more anxious nearly every evening. If he goes back he will need to find a P-doc near school and a therapist and sign up at the gym. I feel he is not ready but he wants to return. I don’t want to ruin our relationship.