Voices disappearing, reappearing

I’m trying the drug CLOZAPINE possibly next week, as I have heard voices for 6 years 24/7. It’s the worst life experience I’ve ever gone through, and I do hate to hear.

But here’s the thing. Let’s say I take the drug, and my voice goes away after a few weeks. Suppose that I were to go off the drug in six months. Is there a chance the EXACT same voice would come back?

I just want to know because I would HATE the exact same guy to come back. If there will be a voice returning I would rather it be someone else. He’s a real ■■■■■■■.

I want to hear from people who have had voices go away completely (so that they don’t hear voices), and then months or years late the EXACT same voices/personalities return who talk about the exact same things.

It would suck if somehow some of these personalities in our minds are hard wired into our brains and stand ready to come back at any moment.

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when i first started hearing voices they would b there for 6 months and then completely disappear for 3 months, when they came back, it was the exact same voices and more besides, same old content, same harassment 24/7. it’s so cruel to hear them i know. i have over 200 different voices, dead and alive, friends, family, famous , anyone i c on tv or hear on the radio, even documentaries or reality shows. i don’t really listen to music anymore or watch a lot of tv. but they will come back and it will b the same old ■■■■. so if by some miracle it does work for u then for gods sake, dont stop taking it. let me know how it goes hunni.

Thanks jaynebeal. I will let you know. I think if it works for me, it will work for you, because we seem similar in how we haven’t responded to anything and not even the nature of our voices can be changed from medicine. I wonder if it’s because our minds are more ‘damaged’ than others, or something…there has to be something about people like us who don’t respond to anything. The last drug I tried for voices was amisulpride. I heard great things about it online for voices but I tried it and it didn’t work.

So it seems they definitely can come back with the same voice and content, etc.

my shrink says a low dose seems to b more effective and less debilitating than a high dose. she recommended going up to 150 for me. if i were to go on it i would need carers to get me up in the mornings as i have to be up at 6am to get my son ready for school. i have two dogs that need a two mile walk every day. i don’t want to b a zombie although my voices tend to get better and worse in episodes lasting a few months each time. so mostly i just wait it out. is the silence worth the care i would need and the effects on my life? i don’t know. we’ll have to wait and c i guess how it goes for u and what the side effects r like at what dose. when they’re bad i would take anything to make them stop but right now they’re not so bad so i don’t want to upset my life. xxx

I think it’s definitely worth trying. It would be disappointing if there was a drug out there that does work for you but you just didn’t try it. For me, I’m going to try it for about a month…perhaps 6 weeks. It’s a once in a lifetime shot at getting rid of the voices. I cannot try it for more than this period and NOT have it work…I’m not the sort of person who can keep going for 3 months to see if something works. For me, if a drug works, it works early on…

So yeah, perhaps you might want to try it for a relatively small period of time - but only when the timing is right. I wanted to lose a bit of weight before I tried mine so that if any weight is gained while on it, I’ll still be fine. I’m just really wanting to know if it works or not.

Also, I guess, it’s about how much you want the voices gone. For me, I have a high motivation to get rid of my voices. If someone offered me $100 million cash OR the chance to be voice-free, I wouldn’t care about the money. I’d go for not hearing voices.

Think of how much life would be different if you weren’t hearing voices. It might be HUGE!

There should be some other posts here from actual clozapine users so that will be interesting.

yeah i know ur right but i have to think about the kids. what good am i to them if i can’t get out of bed in the morning? if i can’t make their dinner because i’m too zonked out? if i have no personality to talk to them about their lives? i have to weigh it up carefully. i would love not to hear voices but not at the expense of my children’s happiness. i have to put them first. while the voices are in total a few hours a day as they r at the moment i can live with it. it’s when they’re at me 24/7 that i’ll try clozapine because the side effects will have a huge impact on my life and that of my children. i’ve just started a diet two days ago and i’m starting swimming next week as well as walking two miles a day. i’ve also given up sugar in the fifteen or so coffees i drink each day so i should start to lose weight shortly. like u, if i.m gonna try it then i need to b a bit lighter than i am now to give myself a bit of weight leeway. i actually would give it 3 months rather than 6 weeks. that way i’d know for definite whether it worked or not as the dose would be raised slowly over a matter of weeks. i guess i’ll just wait for the next episode of non stop voices and decide then depending on how long i can stand it and how long it lasts. the last one was about two months long, constant argueing with the voices day and night. i was in a right state by the end of it. thats when i was offered clozapine but i waited it out and i came through the other side. yes i still argue with them every day and night but i’m a tough cookie and i can handle it right now. not that i should have to. put it this way if there was a drug that did the same as clozapine without the side effects, i’d b on it tomorrow. xxx

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Hi, I don’t hear voices, as I said in other posts I may hear them when I’m very sleepy or in hypnogogic state, I even lost my most important voice recently, which I loved and depended on for a long time…sadly I don’t hear it anymore, since I changed residence, this seems weird but it’s happening with me, that when I change the country I live in; the voices I hear change, it happened twice, and it happens when I go on traveling, they don’t only change in tune voice but in characteristics, what they say and what the do they seem totally different…
About the voice I had lost recently, I used to think and maybe I’m true, that the voice has other people to visit and attend to, and when I left the country I became very far away from him/her and it can’t be visiting, it’s been nine months now, it is not always with me, it only give me a visit once every two months or so. I miss it :smile:
Now I’m free of voices but I still have olfactory hallucinations and they are so strong and abundant, I do get auditory and tactile ones as well.

I think your are an awesome Mom. Those kids are very lucky… :smile:

aaawww, thanx j! just wish i was a better mum for them.

When I was 17 my parents got talked into having me get ECT. I had NO voices for a while. For me it was really disorienting. I couldn’t take NO voice at all. LIke I’ve said before, even people who don’t have SZ has some internal dialogue. I didn’t even have that. It was so quiet in my head I was sure they took my brain. Plus I was physically ill from the dead brain feeling and I had NO memory. I had no idea who my parents were for a few weeks. I went into dry heaves for hours. I couldn’t get my balance, I couldn’t hardly think.

When the voices came back I was so relieved. I don’t have as many as I did before. But they are still there.

Perhaps, maybe they have sectors to work within, can’t bloody likely be following each individual around everywhere at all times.

Different sectors they are responsible for.

I had that idea long time ago, that they live in houses, in countries, just like us…they just can’t follow us around, except for few types of them, which luckily I never had.

I hear voices alot, the only time they went away was when i was on a high dose of risperidone but i was so zonked out that i couldn’t do anything. It was like i had no brain, i couldn’t even engage conversation with my partner’s little sister. I still l struggle with voices a bit but i hope someday that i will find the right meds and be hallucination free.

try too sing uploud , if its because you mind created them the singing part over rules the thinking part.

who r ur celebrities? i hear famous people too. it would b weird if we heard the same people wouldn’t it.

Hi Alex,
Have you ever asked your pdoc about the hypnogogic hallusinations, is it part of schizo? I have hypnopompic hallucinations sometimes, but i never told that to my pdoc, i think it may be the cause of sleep problem that i have, i don’t think hypnogogic or hypnopompic hallucinations are symptoms of schizophrenia.

I heard J. K. Rowling, Justin Timberlake, and Barack Obama. J. K. Rowling taught me how to use rational intelligence. Justin Timberlake was a douchebag that spread false gossip about me. Barack Obama was nice.

I also talked to a bunch of reality TV contestants.

Who are your celebrities?

I don’t watch television or listen to the radio that much either. Thought the people on the show could hear my thoughts probably embarrassing ones, and make comments to me. To help with voices, If a voice sounds similar to people you know and you see them and their mouths are not moving this rules them out as being one of your voices.

Yes. I’ve heard voices for 2 weeks straight and they were usually spouting negative comments. I ignored them for 2 weeks and it went away on its own. Wish I had some tips for ya. Just stay calm and keep ignoring it. How are the meds working out for ya?

Hi Mindwhisperer,
I don’t have a psychiatrist, I even diagnosed my self at age 12, I’m quite interested in schizophrenia since that age and I read a lot about it, especially diagnostic cases. Hypnagogia is never used in diagnosing schizophrenia, even if it was a very strong symptom in sz, they can have it every night or so, but however, hypnagogic hallucinations can occur also to people who suffer from insomnia, bipolar disorder, sever cases of OCD, and even normal people can have it, but in a lesser occurrences. It is also induced by shamans and mediators to contact spirits in other dimensions, if you do believe in those people…And to ensure you that it can be quite normal, my mom which she has no psychiatric problems, she had insomnia once and the other day was complaining from a bad night of voices and weird dreams in the hypnogogic state.