Who here gets panic attacks?

I think i had my first real one in years

i got gradually more paranoid in the supermarket this evening
a few minutes later i was packing up at the till and my hands and i think body ended up shaking violently

i was with my husband i tried to whisper if it gets worse call 999
because i’m always afraid of some rare life threatening attack from meds
or stroke

felt better 20 mins later


Do you have any PRNs that you could take? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

I shake all the time and don’t work enough to calm myself. Everybody says “Oh that’s just chordy. She shakes like that.” I think I’m permanently afraid.


yes - thanks - i take phenergan sometimes i have a supply at the minute i’ll take one in a minute


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Yeah, I get them. They are pretty rare though. The best thing to do is find a supportive person and hang out with them until it ends. That’s what I do anyway. Usually passes within an hour of starting.

I feel like if they happen rarely, you don’t really need to change anything. Just put up with them when they do happen. If you’re getting them more than once a week though, then I guess you should tell your doctor and maybe change something.

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wow chordy
that sounds really difficult
i was always like that before anti depressants i think they took a lot of my fear away but no idea why

how old are you ?

It’s good you don’t get them often.

i was with my husband but found myself calling my mum. i’m 45

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I feel like if they happen rarely, you don’t really need to change anything.

If it is a new beginning it wouldn’t surprise me

just moved to a town where it’s all pretty different and by the sea after living in cities since i was 6

I haven’t had a panic attack since I was on Remeron. That caused a relapse in my symptoms.

I do specifically remember 2 years ago, I took one when I was taking a shower, I couldn’t see in front of me, and was shaking, short of breath. I ended up calling 911

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I’m 35 and I called my mom during my last panic attack lol. She was basically my caretaker for my first year when I was delusional. I don’t beat myself up for using her for that, I don’t have a wife and I don’t want to use my friends for support because I want to seem as normal to them as possible.

I’m about to move, too! Across the country. I’ve lived in the same zip code my entire life.

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My life is a steady panic attack and bad coping mechanisms.

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I’m 75. My tremors are so bad they often can’t get a blood pressure reading. I’m really used to it a little too much. Just need to give myself a little time and attention.

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I dialed 111 a silly emergency thing that tells you either call ambulance / or go to your gp within 3 days

Sorry this sounds like it was severe

what caused a relapse in your symptoms

it was in the supermarket
i was pretty paranoid

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First day taking a geology class at a university caused the relapse

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I relate to this. i just about made the first year of a few things but the uni thing was always impossible
too much brain damage i think

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Hope things improve, sorry that sounds pretty seriously frustrating

Same here, I couldn’t follow the lectures, so I had a tape recorder. I went from failing to getting an A in astronomy. Where there is a will, theres a way. But I cant get a job in my field. I find it nearly impossible

and another thing i was part of a short course for doing outdoor education classes with groups of kids

i was just too afraid of it
i ended up in hospital

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oh, sorry to hear that

Drugs like alprazolam can be taken as needed and will calm you down from full-blown panic within 20 minutes, give or take. They’re called benzodiazepines and their use is debated these days. They can cause dependance but as long as you take it as needed for panic, you should be fine.