Shitty day today! Panic attacks!

I felt like it was enough, I’m tired of getting panic attacks in public. Then I started to have the feeling, feeling dizzy, like I’m going to black out. My heart started pounding. I felt like crying but then I couldn’t. Instead I felt depressed. I’m totally Defenseless to this ailment. Genes are powerful!

I’m just tired of it!


I can totally relate. Sending da (((hugs))) your way.


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I’m sorry you’re dealing with panic attacks. I used to get them a lot, a few years ago. They are definitely not fun. (hugs)

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Sounds like a bad day

Do you have breathing counting exercises to help?

Or take PRN medication. I get bad panic attacks also everyday. I use some things from counseling but also take medication.

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Yes, I do breathing exercises but they don’t help that much.

I take paxil but the meds don’t work.

What meds are you on? Do they work?

I cant stand anxiety but…

Sometimes it helps to just let it out and be okay with it.

Self-compassion makes it bearable.

I have to let a cry out with anxiety because otherwise it feels it just builds up…

Edit: And I do breathing exercises take st johns wort, meditate, and get nutrients that are supposed to help too…

I stopped drugs because they weren’t really helping me much. Havent tried them all though.

I take PRN Benzos. There are a range that have different help extreme anxiety vs panic attacks.
They can be abused so I am really careful.

I agree - having good therapy has helped me a lot too. But sometimes there’s no way thinking out of a panic attack. It’s out of my control.

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Doctor’s are very restrictive with prescribing Benzos around here because of the dependence.

I’ve actually avoided taking them in the past. I thought that the panic attacks would go away. But they didn’t!


I once had a panic in a mall. I had breathing issues I was running to my car . I’m sorry you’re having panic attacks. Take a deep breath. Hugs

Does anything specific trigger you? Do you have alot of stress or obligations?

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Standing in line or going to the supermarket causes it. And I need to buy groceries so I can’t really avoid it.

You? What causes you to have panic attacks??

@roxanna yeah I was out pumping a flat tire and started to hyperventilate and 5 minutes felt like a lifetime struggling with the hose and tire. I just wanted it to stop and be home. Feels like I’m not gonna make it but it passed. Sometimes the news does it to me too. So I stop watching streaming news. I do feel i need to know what is going on in the world though.


Sometimes it comes out of no where - a lot of it is too much stimulation when outside just like you said about being in line at the grocery. I stopped grocery shopping and order delivered groceries now.

Yeah so how i use my meds. Is take my PRN before something i know will cause me anxiety just thinking about. But they are so frequent and severe, and I really have to manage the stressors in my life with alot of help. I don’t do this alone.


I’m sorry to hear its been such a bad day. Panic attacks are horrible :disappointed: how are you feeling now?

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I feel better today. I don’t need to go out today. As long as I can isolate myself I’m good. Being in the outside world is horrible. :confused:

I agree. Take it easy.

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You made it. That’s good. Yeah panicking is the worst. Do you carry a cell phone with you?

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