Who here *didn't* used to smoke cannabis?

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I have never smoked cannabis and I have never done anything other then alcohol and I quit that 20 years ago. My voices are spiritual along with my experiences.


How I wish I could say I never did. My life would have been so much better if I never got involved with drugs.

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It’s my biggest regret because it had so many unfortunate consequences.

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I’ve never done drugs or alcohol or even smoked anything and I still got it. I mean my mom had me try a tiny but of wine when I was little and I’ve had a little bit of wine at some church services but that was it.

Mouse got pissed because he spilled water in a bad place whilst due for his night time Xanax

I experimented with Marijuana a couple of times in College, I was never an avid user

True that. I’m still around the stuff almost every day.

never took the stuff. really happy i didn’t.

my addictions are carbs and sugar. love the stuff.


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The closest I ever got to smoking weed was riding in the back seat of my brothers little car, and the other 3 (all my brothers) were filling the car with that stink weed.

They refused to open the windows, even a crack, so when we arrived 40 minutes later, (was normally a 5 minute drive if we hadn’t intentionally taken the back roads) to the “Rec Room” …(think pre video games- like pinball, hockey, and pool)
a huge cloud of smoke would follow us out of the car.

used to…it increase my psychosis…only smoke cig…

At the age of 16 the people that I drove to school with always had a cigarette or a joint. I was the driver and being that we had a twenty minute ride to school it was important that we got there in one piece. That being said, we all decided to go to the homecoming football game. We were under the bleachers and I finally gave in to my friends. I took one drag. All of sudden my throat was closing up and I couldn’t breathe. The hand I held it in swelled to the size of a grapefruit. They rushed me to the hospital. A tube was put down my throat to keep it from closing completely, I had an IV in both arms. They called my dad and he came up to the emergency room. I was told I wS big trouble. Never touched another street drug again.

Never did cannabis/cocaine etc. Tried cough medicine because someone said it could give you a buzz but all it did was make me see a few funny shapes, so I didn’t continue with that .
If it had given me a buzz there’s a strong possibility I would have done. I knew a patient, an ex teacher, who was seriously addicted to it and had been banned from several pharmacies.

Never cannabis. But I did alcohol and morphine.

I have never used any illegal drugs such as cannabis. I know I have been in places such as Jamaica where these substances are readily available, for example when I was in an all-inclusive resort in Montego Bay in Jamaica there was a person selling ‘smoke’ (cannabis) in a restroom of this resort. I am glad I have never touched these substances in my life.

Never did any drugs or cannabis, nor alcohol or cigarettes, but sometimes wished I could just escape with a bit of weed or nicotine. Coffee is my drug and when things get too tough, I cut.

I drink a lot of coffee, but I would not suggest you to try nicotine, it is very addictive.