Who here used to smoke cannabis?

I did for a almost a year when I was 18. It was the best drug ever until I became schizophrenic. I really miss getting high after a long day, it made everything entertaining and my friends and I had a blast back then, we all smoked weed.

I really miss listening to music and playing video games on it. My friends and I afforded the ten IQ points it made us temporarily lose. I went to a really good school, we were all too smart for our own good to begin with. Like we were remarkably smart.

If I wasn’t schizophrenic I would probably do it like twice a year. I would do things like smoke with a friend and then have an intellectual conversation sometimes. I liked to stay busy when I did it. I liked listening to metal and Sublime. It helped me forget about childhood trauma.

And it made orgasms really intense.

Weed intensifies orgasms like crazy.

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It did for a while. Then it made me so f-ing paranoid that I was too afraid to go there.


I’ve seen cannabis do lasting damage. There is this one guy who is arguably the best freestyle wrestler the U.S. has ever produced. He won two Olympic gold medals and four world championships. There’s this other guy who beat him regularly in high school. He was a three time state champion. When the guy who beat the best wrestler the U.S. ever produced went to college he couldn’t stop smoking marijuana. He had a huge reputation for it. People used to say, “I can’t imagine that guy not being stoned”. He lasted one year in college and then quit wrestling.

I can appreciate what you are saying because I was there also.

Mary was a fine little rocket fuel for my perception for an entire decade. But like all liquid (rocket) fuels, it was extremely “corrosive” to the container it was in, as well as the “pipes” around it.

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I used to have good times with weed, as a kid I played soccer after smoking or we would smoke near the metro station and rap freestyle battle. After a while though it divided us, some wanted to go on including me and others wanted to quit.

More recently I used to play FIFA at my place with my friend and every single time we had to smoke, we would joke around and laugh a lot but this relationship too was destroyed.

I haven’t smoked a joint in a year except on my birthday and don’t really feel better but at the same time I’ve put a stop to the downward spiral. It cost too much money, made me ultra paranoid and my parents wanted me to quit. I’ve also learned that you can’t mix an active lifestyle with weed, at least for me, I needed it too much.

It is expensive especially if you live where its illegal to produce it even for self consumption.

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I use to smoke weed, though I turned to bible study and quit.

It kinda sounds like the lack of intellectual depth limited you in doing both.

Why would you equate smoking weed to anybody’s character?

I apologize …its been a long day.

And – though I HATE to say this – extremist authoritarian religion has gotten and kept more people off whatever “sauce” that was killing them than all the other methods combined.

Albeit it at a very high price over the long run.

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I don’t think cannabis makes me dumb, more like paranoid and delusional. But not dumb. If anything it makes me smarter (in a way)…it makes me pace the room and think a lot very deeply…but doesn’t make me stupid. Maybe socially stupid, but I never gave too hoots about myself socially anyways. I was always more cerebral than most.

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There are so many beaches here where I live, and though pot was illegal… it wasn’t a high priority crime here. So sitting on the beach or in a park… smoking pot would become a past time.

The best would be taking some XTC just before I smoked. That would help blow my head wide open. (stupid for me)

It made rolling very intense, and the waves of euphoria were amazing. Talk about being connected to everything. Of course every sensation was intense. So it would also prompt me to be indiscrete and sexually rampant.

The group I had… it was all about getting stoned and walking through Pike Place Market… that was fun.

Trying to surf high, that was stupid, but fun.

We didn’t worry about being smart or functional.

But of course, coming down from the pot was crushing. It would flatten me. I would be a mess during the comedown.

Non-functioning would be an understatement. Especially if I was coming down from rolling and pot at the same time… it made me feel like I was dead and numb both physically and mentally. I was scrambled and confused… Wow would the self-hate bite hard.

It also made me so paranoid of some of the dumbest stuff… I can’t believe some of the things I freaked out about when I was smoking so much.

So of course there was no cure but to smoke more and try and roll harder.

I am so glad I’m not on that circus ride any more… it’s the hardest merry go round to get off of.

Last time I smoked I got hit with all the paranoia and sneaky brained thinking and none of the fun high. It just made me worse and worse.

The belligerent and hateful anger came from hard drinking. That’s another thing I don’t miss.

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I smoked it recently a few times because I figured it was better than drinking alcohol. But it just makes me waaaay too spaced out and feeling dumb. It makes it difficult for me to speak then I just forget everything. So scratch that idea

I smoked pot. It was fun for few years, but then it turned on me.

It was hard to stop being a pot smoker. I had my whole identity wrapped up in smoke. And now I’m even off tobacco! ODAT.



Yes I used to do so. I had some good fun with friends, but it has had some profound negative influences on my life as well. The loss of motivation to do stuff after having smoked screwed some things up. And there is the sz of course. Somehow I do not feel much regret of these periods though. I do not think a lot of how my life could have been different. It is as if some major trends in my life lie beyond the scope of regret, in retrospect, these are mere givens. I’m pretty content where I am at right now. Do not feel the need for pot at all by the way. I lived that way through from front to end so there’s nothing left to explore there.

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Never taken any kind of these drugs but still got bad case of schiz

I’ve smoked it around 10 times or so, give or take. Never again. I can’t drive on it - I have to repeat in my head “Gas, gas, gas,” or “brake, brake, brake.” I think I’m driving 120 when I’m doing 15. I park 15 feet from the end of a parking space, and I have no memory of the stuff I do. I wrote earlier here about how I smoked pot and PCP together. Yeah, that’s not happening ever again either.