Marijuana and sza

I went 4 and 1/2 months without weed, I got stoned last night. But I hope that don’t set me back to when I quit 4 months ago. All I know is I hate the feeling of being stoned and never again


Good for you. I gave up marihuana 14 years ago and I really havent missed it. Stay firm in your decision.

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I think it’s very possible that pot will never be fun for you again. I’m saying this from my own experience and what a few other people have said when it comes to pot. Before I got sick, I smoked pot daily. In fact I smoked it every day in my last two years of high school. And it was fun. But I smoked it after I go sick and it was NEVER fun again. It made my psychosis and all my symptoms worse. I always thought, “Well, next time it will be fun”. But it never was. I always hoped the next time would be better; it never was. But the stupid part was that I kept smoking it even after it doubled my schizophrenic symptoms. I quit for good in 1990 when I quit drinking and doing ALL drugs. I don’t miss it either. Why deliberately screw myself up?


hash triggers psychosis in me, i would never chance it again…its ■■■■

I’ve been clean for about a year now, and i am glad that i read this because i had thoughts of trying weed again. Now I will try to stay strong and not smoke due to making symptoms a lot worse. I quite noticed worse symptoms back then, but i wasn’t taking meds at that time. Thanks for posting this!

I agree with you, I smoked my way through high school and maybe a year after and I probrably only missed 40-50 days no kidding, and once I stopped I had realized all the harm I had caused myself. On this day I can say even though i’m messed up I don’t think I will be smoking again

I still do marijuana although it used to wreak havoc in my life and probably caused my divorce…I get release from negative symptoms when I smoke weed…love it…I can see how it would make most schizophrenics giddy or paranoid…doesn’t have that affect on me…

I was never an excessive pot smoker. I kind of enjoyed smoking weed, it made me crack up and laugh at everything around me. The following day usually, I would get a bit paranoid and I felt disconnected

Thirty or forty years ago my dad was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. I remember that he had shock therapy and was on some type of meds for awhile. He stopped and started smoking weed-and still does. He is 80 years old. I can honestly say that when he does, he is much more relaxed. I know he used to suffer from terrible anxiety-as does my son. Sometimes, I wonder if my son has the same diagnosis-rather than sz. He was doing hard drugs which may have made things worse ( of course they did ) My son reminds me too much of my dad at this point. He has been clean for over 2 years now. He also has terrible anxiety.
Well, I`m just wondering about this stuff they are talking about now for SZ. Is anyone taking it? Does it work?
The pdoc will not give C. anything for his anxiety because it all has street value and they are afraid he will start abusing again.
My dad makes a good case for smoking this stuff. It has not improved his life as far as relationships go, but he is much nicer to be around after he smokes.
What do you guys make of this??

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I used to smoke weed all day every day for years and it was a lot of fun. There were two times I smoked after being diagnosed and I had this strong urge to kill my mom because it already happened and otherwise I would break the space-time-continuum. It was a really strong delusion and if there was a small part of me that didn’t believe it I would have acted on it. That really scared me. I decided it would be best not to smoke because why do something that is going to make my symptoms worse. February was the last time I smoked. I was warned that I would be drug tested so I stopped. It’s funny once I decided I wasn’t going to smoke anymore I haven’t had any urges to do it. It’s like that part of me lived its course and now that’s not who I am. My symptoms have really been under control since April and I have wondered if it is because I no longer smoke. I’ve also been able to reduce my meds and stretch out the ECT. I went from taking 1200mg of Seroquel and 8mg Risperdal to 100mg Seroquel and 4mg Risperdal and I’m getting ECT every 6 weeks instead of every 2 weeks. Part of me doesn’t like the feeling of being drunk or high and I’ve also decreased my drinking considerably. I used to love feeling altered I lived for it. But I’m enjoying my life sober and I’m not aiming to be sober it just kind of happened. Long story short if you have a psychotic disorder don’t smoke pot. :sunny:

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bridgecomet, I make this of it. The facts for schizophrenia seem to be that some schizophrenics swear by marijuana. They claim it relieves symptoms. To other people like me, it is poison. it cause my symptoms to get way, way worse. Like I said in another post, I smoked it long after I should have quit, always hoping that it would be fun again, even though EVERY time I smoked it after I got sick it was not fun. I will say this. Every time I smoked it I got a tiny bit high and that kept me smoking it again and again,. But the bad effects outnumbered the good effects by a 100 to 1. The first few seconds were good but after that my paranoia and psychosis was overwhelming. Some smokers get defensive about it. I wonder if some of the regular pot smokers are actually being hurt by it but aren’t aware of it or are in denial. One of the big problems with smoking pot is the collateral damage. Example : losing progress you’ve made, wasted money, wasted time, worrying about being busted etc…Anyway, people will do what they want.I know for me and others we needed to quit.


I agree somewhat with nick77’s perspective that there is damage only financially from what I have experienced…my ex wife and I spent around $700 per month on weed, and it caused us, I think, for our divorce eventually…thing is, fact is we just didn’t make enough money or it wouldn’t have had any ill effect on our marriage at all? I make much less money now and don’t spend over $80 a month now…and both my ex wife and I have since curbed our intake…I know she has because we still talk on the phone a lot…aside from that…the feeling DOES relax me…and a 40 million pot smokers in our country can’t be wrong…it is so great and I will never quit…!!

I get really upset because when I’ve smoked weed, people start to attack me or get feisty because I’m having symptoms and refuse to just chill and not ■■■■ with me. I enjoy weed, but I think it should be in a theraputic setting for me. It brings me out of trauma and seems to recondition my impulses and patterns, which has helped progressively over time. Weed has helped me get out and socialize, get over fearfulness of everyone/meaning over time under the right conditions is helps with paranoia. But it is a delicate balance. I’ve gotten full blown paranoid too many times on weed, but then I learned coping mechanisms. So instead of blocking the paranoia as with most anti-psychotics, is it crazy to think that you can adapt that way? For instance, if you were exposed to a situation where you were being chased by a lion but each time, you cope slightly differently. You can run from the lion, you can quietly back away or hide, or try and tame the lion, lions are tamable and so is schizophrenia.

I’m not a doctor, that is my personal experience and theory. I don’t know that by blocking the receptors that cause paranoia and anxiety, over time we are more vulnerable to different situations. That’s my reasoning or partly why I want to quit medication. I feel that I may be beyond even needing it. I may lower it to 5 mgs. If we are taught to be victims of circumstance then it can’t help our circumstances. When exposed to new environments, like for instance an airport. I used to get extreme anxiety on Abilify because I was used to everything being the same every day, planned out to a T. I needed chaos that is what helped the most.

I have had psychosis and may have a gene for it, but I can still adapt. I had extreme anxieties even with driving and being over cautious. Now I’m a very good driver and it’s only been about 2-3 years that I’ve had a license. I haven’t gotten a speeding ticket yet either thankfully.

If pot was legal for medical purposes, and not over-regulated then it could help a lot of people.

I just don’t know about all this though. Like while new situations are helpful, I’m not sure entirely if exposing yourself to trauma or paranoid feelings and then learning coping skills to bring yourself out of it, is the most assured way to overcome paranoia. I could be entirely wrong. If it’s just a chemical misfire or imbalance than my idea won’t work. If adding chemicals that can cause paranoia worsens it I might be wrong. It just doesn’t feel like it’s the basic chemistry that’s causing the paranoia but a behavioral adjustment and situational perspective.

**Thanks for all of your responses!
I guess the only one who would know for sure would be C.
I sure would not suggest it to him as his mother.
Like the meds, it seems that it depends on the person ( on how it effects them )

i just quit smoking about 10 days ago. I don’t miss it. it didn’t have that bad of an effect on me, except making me a bit more paranoid, but i think it definitely was one of the factors that contributed to my psychosis. It’s a good boredom killer, that’s for sure.

now i think it’s a bad idea just because my parents hate when i smoke, and i see why, i become a different type of person, just an addict. i would also use it as a method to cope, escape reality.

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Congratulations on being 10 days pot free. It’s hard to do… that first month of adjustment is hard and not hanging with friends who use is also hard because they might not understand.

but I’m rooting for you. Good luck.

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thanks J. I think I will pull through this time. The obsession to use feels like its been lifted. I don’t even think about it as much anymore. It doesn’t seem like an option to me.

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