Who here appears normal?

My friends say that they would have never guessed that I have schiophrenia, save for some who saw me when I was actively psychotic. These days they say I seem perfectly healthy and robust, even saying that I am doing better than they are in some cases.

Anyone else just not appear schizophrenic?


Hey glad you’re functioning well mouse!

My friends view me as eccentric most of the time, but will tell me that they’re worried about me in certain times. My case manager, therapist, psychiatrist, are all quick to point out my behaviors as “schizophrenic, manic, anxious” and tell me I’m sick and tell me (apparently) I’m having a difficult time functioning. Are professionals more sensitive to picking up these behaviors, or are they just trying to medicate people and put them down? Both probably.


I can come across as very cogent and clear headed, and people are sometimes surprised that I’m schizophrenic. In case anyone thinks I am in it for the benefits, I’ve been hospitalized over twenty times. There were several times when I fought the commitment in court. Out of all the times I have been hospitalized, I think there was only one where I asked to be committed. Most of the time I was taken to the hospital in handcuffs.

What is "normal " anyway? Yes, I can sat that most of the time I can come across as seeming perfectly fine and that came right from the nurse practictioner that treats me once a week. She said when I am on the right meds, and doing well, nobody would even have any idea there was anything wrong with my, that is unless they saw all the scars all up and down my arms. Yes, I can put on a smile for the outside world when I am dying inside. And when I am really sick, there is no hiding it.


Well I certainly look normal


My (ex) boyfriend has been exhibiting signs and symptoms of late onset schizophrenia for the last two years. He has also been exhibiting signs and symptoms of bipolar disorder as well. His paternal Aunt (by blood) has a dual diagnosis of late-onset schizophrenia and some form of depression (possibly bipolar depression?). His paternal grandfather may have had it as well. In the last two years since these symptoms and behaviors came on, he has drifted away from many of his long time friends and his new best male friend is schizophrenic. For both of these guys, they can act ‘normal’ at times, and then cycle into psychotic, delusional behaviors at certain times, often at night. My ex will call me up at my parents’ house in the wee hours of the morning and accuse me of having sneaked another man into my parents’ home and of ‘having sex with somebody’ in my parents’ house because he can hear it on the phone. He’ll ask me “What’s that breathing?” “What’s that sound?” “Sounds like you’re getting banged.” And in his mind, that’s his justification for why he has the right to look for another woman to go sleep with and make into his next victim (when he gets psychotic, delusional, and dangerous again).

I look normal. But people who hang around me more often Def know I’m a bit different. A little bit eccentric with some mania in the mix and a bit of “staring at walls syndrome lol”

I’m also not very quick to make friends I take my time before they are allowed into my world

In an aquantance setting I’m not the best at social chit chat, so I can come off aloof or disinterested.


i had episodes of abnormal psychosis, in between breaks, im normal no sysytoms…:slight_smile:

if i was to diagnose my self, i would say, bouts of psychotic depression, not sza. im feeling bran new the past 3 year

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Same. Which is why my parents never believe anything is wrong with me, and why my therapist is so confused. I mean, everyone knows I’m a little weird and absent minded but they don’t know anything about my psychotic symptoms. And I’m keeping it that way, god forbid they ever find any of my journals because I write in those at my ugliest moments.

I don’t understand myself. I don’t know how I hide it any more than my therapist does. I don’t know how I continue to function, however subpar. It’s all a mystery to me.

SurprsiedJ, Malvok, DarkSith (specially when he replies on supporting threads ), you, levelJ1(most of the times), green6, Plumber, StarryNight and BryanAshley. I must be missing some names but I can’t recall as they don’t post very often.

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I appear to be normal but lack some confidence

That’s a little similar to me,people I spend time with most of the day knows I am "special"but I look quite normal around people nowadays…I hope I do not drop into mental episode…as long as I be myself and not add on too much pressure I think it won’t be of a problem

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yes, me, no-one has even the slightest idea except from if i’ve told them, but if i did tell them i didn’t say i had sz i said i had mental health problems lol so they have no clue :slight_smile:

I don’t know. My paranoia(?) has me thinking I involuntarily give off signs that I’m not quite right.

@mortimermouse Not appearing to have schizophrenia is not saying much.
What does a schizophrenic look like? Tired, zoned out? foaming at the mouth? disheveled? incoherent?
Stereotypes exist - and some of the most stigmatizing people have some form of mental illness themselves.

I mean you may not appear “schizophrenic” whatever this means. But you absolutely appear Narcissistic, self important, aggressive, immature, manic and selfish -

I mean there is no “Normal” - my brother for example is full of money, successful at work, married and has a kid, drives fancy cars etc… But he is far from being “Normal”
He is very aggressive, short fused, self centered and does not give a ■■■■ about anyone.
Normal is over used - it has no real meaning.

Words like Kind, Fair, Just, Honest, Patient, etc… hold more value than a word like “Normal”
Passing as “normal” does not mean much


Why? What’s the average schizophrenic look like? Why like everybody else!

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I’m trying to figure out what normal is.

Some of the neurotypical people I know… live in a world far stranger then mine.


@mortimermouse Thinking about it says more about your friends then it does of you.

I think it is more important how we perceive ourselves rather than what other people may think of us. I may sound fun and ambitious and outgoing but deep inside how I reflect about myself tells a total different story. If I am patient humble nice kind carer then those are the attributes I would sleep happily with. In my country there is this saying “what if you win the entire world for your side and lost yourself” It may backfire to seem normal when you are not, my first psychiatrist saw me normal and told me I am being neurotic and gave me an anti depressant to land me in hospital two weeks later. Yes, some people fight to look normal and that it self is a struggle, because it is easier to sleep in bed for long hours than to wake up and look after yourself and family but you need to be normal so you wake up. It is a good sign and may have a better outcome in future but I would rather work on myself to be better than to work hard for how people may think of me. If I work for my self I am stronger and people notice, if I work for other people I am weaker and people will shortly notice.