How often do you hear voices?

How often does everyone hear voices?

Im medicated and still hear them every day on and off all day.

Do you hear them having conversations or just a word at a time? mine have conversations


Usually at least a little bit every day, sometimes he’s talking to me or someone is screaming or talking gibberish.

From the moment I wake up until I fall a sleep. Rarely but does happen in sleep as well.

Everyday and they always have something to say when I first open my eyes in the morning. Meditation has muffled them but they run commentary in the background all day.

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Everyday, but with long periods of no voices when I’m occupied with things.

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thank you

so everyone is different

When I am occupied with things I usually don’t hear voices. But I hear them everyday and I have a running commentary on my actions and thoughts 24/7.

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I don’t hear voices since the beggining of the year, I am not sure but I think I am voice free since my last hospitalization


If you are voice free from meds I’d be hesitant to get off meds!! That’s just me. Voices were scary to me I’ve had two really bad episodes in my life of hearing voices. plus other times.


I think I am cured, I’ve done my part, I reteach my brain to think normally again. I can’t wait to get rid of my meds

Well I hope you’re right!! But there is no known cure only meds. We’re you sober when you heard voices. Because if you were it’s a sign of a permanent mental illness. If you were high when you heard voices, I’d say it’s worth trying to come off meds eventually

I was either high or drung or just quit meds cold Turkey. Never heard them sober. I think


Ok :ok_hand: then it may just be drug induced psychosis.


It is either drug induce or drugs made me more vulnerable and trigger permanent psychosis


Voices about one year and half ago. But i heard sounds recently

I hear them almost all the time. it’s like fifty radio stations going on in my head.they talk to each other a lot when i’m busy. if i don’t focus on them i can tune them out a bit. meds make them quieter. muffled.

Sometimes they repeat words. sometimes they all talk over each other or chat together or yell at me.

I hear music too, when i’m trying to sleep. The most beautiful music.

When I was medicated on Olanzapine I still heard them everyday but I did not have a running commentary. And the voices came from the back of me compared to unmedicated I often hear them from the side of my mostly the right. When things are really stressful I can sometimes get a running commentary telling me everything I’m doing like “she’s sitting down” or “she’s walking out the door”

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Me too. I have a running commentary on my actions 24/7

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voices all the time, no break form them

I hear them occasionally. Much less now with abilify though. On Risperidone, I was hearing them every few days. Mostly command ones. It used to be everyday.