Who else thinks they are a nerd? or nerdish tendencies ...?


oh how I love my action figures…I am constantly standing Lord Sauron up because when the dogs whack the shelves with their tails sometimes he falls back…then there’s Jimmy Page smoking a cigarette and playing a double necked guitar in his dragon outfit…then there’s Slash leaning back bending a note on his Les Paul with a stack of amps and speakers behind him…Slash used to smoke a cigarette too but it broke off darnit…I also have Gene Simmons in his red cape and axe shaped bass but I only like the other members of KISS…oh well…I love them all !! am I a nerd? yes, but I like it…haha


My hobbies consist of magic the gathering, yughioh, warhammer and reading manga. Yep I’m a nerd. Oh and some board games.


I used to love MTG. Had to let it go because I was spending way too much money on cards. :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:


puts me back to the age old ? if you like something nerded dose this make you a nerd, ?


We collect all sorts of stuff. Action figures, MTG, Star Wars, Funko pop, and more.


One of my hobbies is collecting what I like to call “nerd coins” – they are actual monetary coins that commemorate scientists. :nerd_face:


I have Game of Thrones Pop! Figures…yes they are displayed on my desk shelf. :expressionless:


I believe nerd means you’re overly studious and geek is the proper term for someone that collects action figures, comic books and plays video games.

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I have the Nerd Marker on chromosome 5.

Chess. Backgammon. Rubik’s Cube. Video Gaming. Language learning. Comic books. I can properly say M. Night. Shyamalan.



My biggest nerdish tendencies… Zero not a nerd… Calling myself anything but awesome would be weird. I’m weird as fudge but weord is great. I would rather be weird than normal. Weirdos have more fun. Lol.


I use to collect anime, manga, action figures and cards. My favorite action figure I use to have was a limited addition gold majin super saiyan vegeta. I use to collect yugioh, Pokemon and digimon cards


This was my “playroom” while growing up… not shown is my oscilloscope, Atari 800 computer, microscopes, chemistry equipment, electronic kits, a/c generator and telescopes. A lot of stuff like the overhead projector, telescopes and oscilloscope we got used at garage sales. The stack of magazines were probably COMPUTE!, Creative Computing, Omni and Scientific American.


My husband calls me a nerd all the time.


I had a guy break it off with me when I was younger because I was too logical, too “scientific” lol but I don’t collect anything. I don’t know if that qualifies me as a nerd or not. I guess if I had more energy I would be a nerd.


I am a nerd… 151515


I don’t know how cool I am, some people might say a lot, others would say not at all. I believe I am in certain ways, but as I grow older I don’t worry as much about looking cool all the time. I don’t worry so much about looking good all the time.

So yeah, when the soldier at work a few days ago made a kind of lame comment about something that as a teenager I would have laughed at, instead I kinda agreed with him and laughed with him, not at him. And when my sisters took me with them to see Mary Poppins at the theater I thought it was weird but nevertheless, I relaxed and enjoyed some of it. I have nerdish tendencies, maybe embracing our nerdish tendencies actually means we are secure in our coolness, lol.


I’ve always been a bookworm and loner with nerdish tendencies definitely.


I go beyond nerd to spaz. I’m intensely self conscious. I’m so spastic I stand out in a crowd. It sucks.