Action gaze all day

I sit in my living room gazing at my action figures a lot. They were probably the only thing I took when I divorced. Everyone loves them when they first see them…I can’t stop day dreaming about the figures each and every one of them is something favorite character to me…From Lord of the Rings I have Treebeard the Ent and Lord Sauron…they both talk. and their eyes light up when they talk. The Ent makes me think of how God might look like.

Then I have Slash from Guns n Roses and Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin, both with cigarettes in their mouths…haha…then I have Gene Simmons in his Elder costume playing an axe bass. Above them is my skeleton on the wall which reminds me how fragile we are.

thank you for reading this.


I like post like this. For me, it is kind of like taking the “nickle tour” of someones personal museum.

Do you post pictutes? Or would that be a pain?

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I’m sorry I don’t have photo capability. I would love to show them to you…thank you.

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Its cool. I dont do pictures either, just though I would ask.


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