Favorite hobbies?

Favorite hobbies? I have a bunch. I love reading, flea marketing, coloring, collecting comic books…

I collect old stuff, and VHS movies just for the fun of it

What kind of old stuff?

Stuff I pick up through my business (salvage) cab be anything from Lic plate, old electronics, signs, nothing really rare just nice to have, after awhile I move it along at auction

Aww man that sounds awesome. So you are a picker like the show on history channel

Not really a salvage dealer, clean up old stuff, get some really odd stuff

That sounds like so much fun

It is the perfect job for me really, can go home if i’m ill

What is the coolest thing you have found?

Guess it was a sonar submarine finder, the biggest surprise ones were 2 harmonica’s I threw in the auction, they sold for $300.00 each, turns out on the back was made in Germany under US rule, which made them valuable

Daaang! That is so cool. It is amazing what people will throw away

My fav lately has been boxing. I just shadow box, but I love it. I’ve actually had really good muscle development from this. I had back issues before, and now I got some nice muscle on my back.


I suck at punching things. My husband makes fun of me for being so gentle with everything

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I also collect comic books but oddly enough I don’t care to actually read them as I just collect them for the art work. Well, to be fair, I do like the Demo series, and Freaks of the Heartland, and the Sam and Twitch, but otherwise, if it looks beautiful I try my best to snatch it up. I’m lucky as there is a shop within walking distance from my estate, sorry I mean my tiny apartment, that stocks a few keepers here and there.

I collect X-Force comics :slight_smile:

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The art is rather impressive. I even like the simpler old artwork because the old artists were brilliant with color use and capturing drama with perfect angles.

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I’m weird. I could never get into things like Spiderman or Superman or Batman or anything. I like some of the movies from Marvel though.

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I got superman on betamax

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I seen Man of Steel for the first time the other night but the old fashion Christopher Reeves is still a beauty in my book.

i have a small collection of modern vinyl records, i started collecting after i saw Hurts at a festival and loved them so that was my first record about 3-4yrs ago, i havent bought a new one for a while though, i was hoping to swap with someone.

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