Who do you think would win in a rumble

in the jungle, bruce lee or muhammid ali

Bruce Lee>>Cheetah

Bruce Lee


Thrown into an arena and suddenly forced to fight each other, I think Bruce Lee’s fighting style and ability would be superior.

But if released into an actual jungle in a prolonged may-the-best-win scenario, I would actually place bets on Muhammid Ali, because his tenacity, conviction and psychological resilience are all likely superior and would serve better than brute, close-up fighting skills in such a scenario.

Ali would win in the ring. Bruce Lee might win in a street fight.

Bruce Lee would win hands down. I’ve seen him explain that his style is made for fending off attackers. And if you mean a rumble in the jungle like the fight in africa as an actual ring fight, I’d still go Bruce Lee.

They are both fast no doubt, who has the stronger fist, I’d say Ali in the jabs, but if you get Bruce up real close he has the one inch punch. Muhammad Ali has the stamina but has lost before. If Ali went in on a direct attack, Bruce would have the upper hand. Not only that, he knows how to deflect straight attacks, Ali does not. It would come down to how Ali would adapt to this kind of fight and I don’t know if he has it in his repertoire to defeat such an opponent like Bruce.

yes exactly might :slight_smile:

ok apathy chuck Norris or bruce lee

This is a trick question.

Neither. The universe exploded.


waiting for second coming of Christ more like it

Chuck norris was killed by bruce lee in one of his films…and lee would win in a brawl ali might have been awesome but it would come down to speed and ali was quick but lee was faster.

It was a movie christ

Ali actually had an mma match with a Japanese dude. The dude negated Ali’s striking by basically lying on the floor for the whole fight and kicking. Can’t remember who won - to be honest it was a bad fight to watch. Think it is on YouTube.

Would of been nice if it was Bruce Lee.

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The fight was called a draw. There were rules in the fight that stopped it from being a real mma match.