Happy birthday bruce lee

77 years ago the most influential kung fu star was born…

I get chinese based news… the comments are usually so divided and spiteful… this one had no hate… the world can come together to celebrate kung fu… its kinda beautiful… even though he is gone…hes still bringing people together…

Happy birthday teacher Lee…


Bruce lee is a legend…happy birthday Mr lee…!!! What are u up to @flameoftherhine …update me…!!



In my humble 2 cents, Lee will always be one the greatest if not the greatest martial artist.

I read somewhere he owned over 100 martial arts books.


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Is there room on this thread for a little weirdness? Check this out.
The tall guy is Kareem Abdul-Jamar, one of the greatest pro basketball players of all time.


so this was the inspiration for uma thurmans costume in kill bill?


Nice… hes also the only man to kill chuck norris…


Hollywood uses it alot… im sure theres a list some where…


What’s that one Chuck Norris movie where he walks in the house and there’s a voice-over of his thoughts?

A Force of One - maybe?

Anyways I always thought that movie was hilarious.

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@77nick77 strikes again!

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Bruce Lee really does rock!
I watched all his movies.

Was a big fan, and still am!


Water can flow… or it can crash…

It is shapeless, formless…

Be water my friend!

People still disregard the skill in him lighting matches one after one with nunchatku… like to the day almost every time…

Really though that is the most impressive ■■■■ I’ve ever seen a human do regarding hand eye coordination and I am most pleased that it was bruce lee who did so…

He had some interview… “Yeah I can take a few hours and really talk myself up… I can develop ego… but that’s not what it’s about.”

He’s a well intended champion that’shard to talk ■■■■ on… how do I know we live in jealous world? Cause people realize that and then just want to quit thinking about him… It’s called being dismissive… and I’m sure we all know what the back end of that being cool in the world makes, (us hah).

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